Aussie chef ‘bullied’ by Facebook users over organizing fridge photo showing large quantities of soft drinks

An Australian chef has come under fire after proudly sharing photos of her newly organized fridge.

In a popular Facebook group, the full-time chef shared how content and relaxed she felt as she neatly arranged the contents of her fridge.

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A photo shared by the chef showed how she had one shelf filled with cans of soft drinks while another was filled with fruit juice popper drinks.

About 16 Smirnoff cans were stacked neatly on another shelf, along with some groceries, while the top shelf houses water bottles, a pot of groceries, some milk, and three bottles of mayonnaise.

However, it wasn’t long before some social media users took aim at the homeowner, criticizing the contents of her fridge.

The full-time chef shared this picture of her fridge. Recognition: Cleaning & Organization Inspiration Australia/Facebook

Some called it an “unhealthy” fridge and questioned why she had so many sugary drinks.

“My teeth and pancreas hurt just looking at all those sugary soft drinks,” said one on Cleaning & Organizing Inspiration Australia.

Another wrote: “Not good for [your] health at all.”

A third added: “Your dentist and guts must love you!”

Adding one more: “I would be obese if that was my fridge. Nice and organized.”

‘Where is the food?’

Another said: “What an unhealthy fridge.”

Others questioned why there was little food in the fridge — and so much mayonnaise.

“Where is the food?” asked one.

Another wrote: “So much liquid and three bottles of mayonnaise.”

Another replied” “I’m just wondering why did someone get so much mayonnaise? It’s haunting!”

Another said, “I’ve had the same mayo jar for six months.”

Some criticized the amount of soft drinks and fruit juice drinks in the woman’s refrigerator. Recognition: Cleaning & Organization Inspiration Australia/Facebook

However, the homeowner didn’t take the criticism and defended her decision to stock so many drinks in the fridge.

She explained that she often eats out as she lives alone and works as a chef – and also shared another picture to show her crisper was filled with fresh fruit and veg.

“I keep a small amount in my fridge because I live alone and I’m a chef who mostly eats at work,” he said.

“I just don’t see the point of having heaps of food there if it ends up going to waste. I’m a full-time cook, so I’m not home often and I eat a lot at work.”

In response to comments that she had been drinking too many soft drinks, the woman wrote: “Teeth don’t hurt if you brush them enough. I also consume a can or two a day.

She added, “There’s nothing wrong with mayo, even some of it is fine in moderation.”

Scores of Facebook users defended the chef’s post and urged others to stop “bullying” their food choices.

“Imagine being a grown adult still bullying people online?” said one. “So many negative comments, who cares what she has in her fridge? She’s proud of her fridge, why do so many people quickly destroy others.”

Responding to the criticism, the chef shared this picture of her crisper to show off her stash of fresh fruit and veg. Recognition: Cleaning & Organization Inspiration Australia/Facebook

Another added: “Okay I have to admit I saw all the negative comments and agreed with most of them.

“But now that you live on your own I understand why there isn’t that much food in the fridge. If I lived alone and didn’t have kids, I don’t think I would have much food in the fridge either. Especially if you eat out at work and eat out a few times a week.

“I see meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese and I’m sure you have more in your pantry as well. I mean, a person can only eat so much.

“As for the people who talk about ‘sugar’… I’m sure most of them would drink juices, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. to.

“You assume that you consume these drinks constantly. I know if I lived alone I would have people to chat to all the time and the drinks would be for them too.

“Most people in these comments have made many assumptions without knowing the circumstances.”

Others were envious of the fridge—both the contents and the organization.

“Well, I’ll come to your house. I’ll be comfortable because sometimes we too have saucepans in our fridge. Come for the double blacks too!” said one.

Adding another: “Wish mine was that neat!”

Another wrote: “Groceries are so expensive these days, might as well switch to a liquid diet!”

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