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Best Venti Build in Genshin Impact: Artifacts and Weapons in 2022
Best Venti build in 2022

Best Venti Build in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact’s Anemo-Archon, known by the name Venti, received its replay banner in the first phase of the 2.6 update. Players can draw for this Anemo bow user known to be the best enemy controller, which particularly benefits players in one of the most challenging parts i.e. Spiral Abyss.

Luckily, Venti has received several buffs in recent patches that make him a very viable option, especially for Swirl Reactions and keeping enemies in one place. He also deals a satisfying amount of damage from his charged attacks, so it’s important that players create the best Venti build in Genshin Impact to get the most benefit from him. Here are the best artifacts, weapons, and teams for Venti.

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Best Venti build in Genshin Impact 2022

Venti has a replay banner along with the 4-star character Sucrose, which is very useful for elemental reactions. Players can find other characters like Xiangling and Yun Jin in Venti’s limited-time banner. With the game’s meta constantly changing with the addition of new enemies and game mechanics, it’s important to find some alternatives and create the best Venti build in Genshin Impact for 2022.


Vibrant veneer– A four-piece Artifact set Viridescent Veneer will work amazingly for the character, as this set is specially designed for Anemo users, which reduces the vortex resistance of the enemies, which allows Venti to deal more Anemo DMG. In addition, it greatly strengthens Venti and increases his overall damage.

Best Venti Build in Genshin Impact: Artifacts and Weapons in 2022

Wanderer’s Troupe+ Instructor There are many alternatives to the above artifacts, but players are advised to use the combination of these two artifacts as it offers increased elemental mastery with a minimal investment. It will also provide the character with a good amount of CRIT DMG.


The Stringless – This 5-star bow is perhaps the best option for making the best Venti build in Genshin Impact. Even without weapon refinement, this bow increases your elemental skill and burst damage, as well as your elemental mastery. However, players should consider upgrading to Refinement Rank 5 to gain more damage.

Elegy for the End – Venti’s signature weapon currently available in Epitome Invocation is also only a good option for him if players want to build him as a sub-DPS character. Since this weapon focuses on energy replenishment, we recommend using it with Venti when teamed with broken DPS characters.


Best Venti Build in Genshin Impact: Artifacts and Weapons in 2022
best teams

When considering the teams for creating the best Venti build in Genshin Impact, it’s worth noting that Venti is quite flexible and easily slotted into other teams that lack Anemo support. Players can use him with Ganyu, Mona, and Diona to form a Freeze team as he works well with these characters. Against a large horde of enemies, this team is almost overwhelmed.

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