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Sheriff Ardmore Oklahoma Kevin Norris went into confusing details when finding and confronting a child kidnapper.

“To be a good officer, you need a plan,” says Norris in the latest episode of Coptales and Cocktails audio file. “You need to think about the unthinkable.” The unthinkable finally happened t0 Norris on Labor Day 2013.

“No one in our agency was prepared for what we would go through and especially the consequences of what it has done to so many people. ours,” Norris said of recovering a toddler from a child abductor.

“I got the call around nine in the morning and I was off work because it was a day off,” Norris recalls. “The supervisor at the time was a light duty officer, and he said to me, ‘Chuck, this is real. We have a missing girl. “”

Norris explained that he received a follow-up call from the sister of the kidnapped child saying that she had seen the person who had taken his sibling. “I got another phone call – it was our victim’s five-year-old sister, [she] said the sister was photographed by a naked white man.

Norris was able to locate the kidnapped child in less than thirty minutes. “Statistically, you need to do it fast,” explains Norris. “The longer it goes on, the less likely you are to find the baby alive.

The sheriff said they were able to locate the kidnapper after a few tricks.

“We are knocking on the door. No one answered,” Norris recalls. “And at some point, the subject inside says, ‘Hi, what’s going on?’ And we said, ‘Open the door, please.’ And he didn’t answer. We say, ‘Please, we need you at the door.’ And he said, ‘I have to put my pants on?. Well, at that moment, something inside of me flickered. ”

Norris then detailed what happened after the kidnapper refused to open the door.

I told him, We’re going to break it – I don’t have much lead in my ass. Others, they started kicking the door and we broke it and the suspect actually put a couch against the door. He had left the knife in the doorframe. Trying to close the door, I guess. And I’m me, I’m number one in the rankings and you know, my cover guy was behind me. And whenever we go into the apartment, the apartment is completely dark. I had a flashlight, but we didn’t realize it the first time we went in because we were already in the cave and I ran into the couch and someone behind me ran into me. . And whenever I go in, I hit that couch and I lean down and I look up. And around that time, I saw a black shadow running across the room. But then I understood and I had a really hard time with this for a long time. I saw her standing in the room and he closed all the windows. He had blacked out the sliding door to the balcony. It was completely dark and she just stood there. And that’s her because of the picture they gave us, you know, and she’s standing, standing there in the dress. And so we went over because we were going towards numbers. We identified it as the suspect and he actually went into the bathroom and closed the door. Again, I kicked the door once. Unable to open. I think it’s Police Johnson. He broke the door, which actually broke in half. It’s a typical hollow core door in an apartment, you know? And I went to the bathroom to grab him and I went around and hooked up there a little bit while he was trying to shoot himself with a dose of methamphetamine. He has a syringe in his hand. And Johnson and Antoine, they grabbed him and dragged him out of the bathroom. Water flows in the tub. I immediately went outside and I grabbed her and I took her away.

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