Aquarius Tarot Horoscopes: October 2023

You may also have the opportunity to go to a place that awakens your gratitude for life. If you’ve been thinking about a trip or retreat, this month is a good time to reboot and reconnect with your inner voice. Who knows, you might even think about bringing a special someone with you, because the trophies represent love and emotions. Stay open to the endless possibilities available to you this month.

April 2023

Ace of Pentacles: Aquarius, I see that the month of April brings you the fulfillment of a powerful and meaningful wish. Is there anything you’ve been hoping and praying for? It may finally come to fruition soon – and it looks like you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel this month. So keep the momentum going by implementing daily habits that you enjoy. For example, if you’re having trouble with your skin, try a new serum or face mask that will give you a dewy afterglow. Even something as simple as seeing yourself happy and healthy in the mirror can help you find motivation to keep going.

You would also do well this month to create clear, easy-to-understand action plans for each of your goals. Try not to overdo it, otherwise you might overwhelm yourself, but instead choose three to five goals that are very important to you and then three to five action steps for each of those goals. You can even add these action steps to your calendar so you get weekly reminders to do these things. The process of getting where you want to go doesn’t have to feel as daunting as it has in recent months, Aquarius. In April and beyond, be your biggest supporter, not your biggest obstacle. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results you’ll achieve at the end of the month… and who knows, you might want to keep this approach to your goals.

March 2023

Four of Pentacles: Dearest Aquarius, it appears that you are finally able to identify the holes in the bottom of your boat and make some actionable changes. This month you are given the chance to change the way you move through the world. It appears that for some of you this will require cutting off professional or personal relationships that you are exploiting and undervaluing. Your talents extend far beyond the people who aren’t sure how valuable you really are. Let go of the people you’ve outgrown to embrace the people and opportunities that will easily get you where you want to go.

Remember: One of the worst tricks we can play on ourselves is to think that suffering and attrition are inevitable parts of our success. On the contrary, it seems that March will show you that success is very easy if you adapt to the right situations, Aquarius. Go there instead.

February 2023

The Wizard: Ah, Aquarius, I see that you are reaping the rewards of your past chapters this month, and it seems that your power is almost unstoppable. If you have just entered a new chapter in your life (school, home, career, relationship, parenting, or something else that is very important to you), this is the month to celebrate with those around you. You will overcome your fears of being seen, held and supported by others and it will help you get where you want to go. Remember: the way we heal and open our hearts does not always translate so easily into the benefits we derive from it. For example, learning to hold others accountable and surrounding yourself only with healthy relationships can have unintended (and positive) effects on your career. Life is inextricably linked, Aquarius, and many of you will realize this more than ever in February. Your superpower is that you can see the future before most others. It can be isolating, but it feels deeply rewarding when others finally experience the same wave. Be patient and continue to believe in your vision. This is not the time to give up. Better yet, invite more people into your dreams and let them play an important role as you all join together to bring those dreams to life.

January 2023

Strength: Dear Aquarius, this month is proving to be powerful for you. Not just from a new year, but from a new perspective you have on yourself and your own abilities. It seems that a project for which you sowed many moons ago is finally coming to fruition. You are destined to step into the spotlight this year, and January is proving to be a great example of how the rest of your year will pan out! There’s no better time than now to put yourself to the test and pitch your ideas to the right people.

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