Anthony Todt convicted of murdering his wife, children and dog

Anthony Todt listens to closing arguments at his quadruple murder trial on Thursday April 14, 2022. (Image via screenshot from Law&Crime Network.)

Anthony Todt listens to closing arguments in his quadruple murder trial on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

A former physical therapist was convicted by a Florida jury of murdering his wife and three children between December 14 and 18, 2019 – but the defendant pleaded his innocence before an immediate criminal trial in a speech that did nothing in the long run.

A jury unanimously agreed Anton Todt46, killed his wife Megan42, along with his 13-year-old son Alexhis 11 year old son Tylerand his 4 year old daughter zoe. All four victims were found with rosaries in their hands, a prosecutor said during the closing arguments. A family dog ​​was also killed.

The jury convicted the defendant as charged by the prosecution on each individual count; no lesser charges were brought.

The quadruple killings led to the arrest of the accused January 13, 2020 for murder and animal cruelty. Prosecutors did not ask for the death penalty.

“The reason we’re here today is control,” the assistant prosecutor said Danielle Pinell said during the closing arguments. “The defendant wanted control.”

Pinnell told jurors that a sister called law enforcement to request a well-being investigation on Dec. 29, prosecutors claimed. The accused had previously used victims’ phones to tell relatives that everyone in his family was ill around the holiday period. After all, the sister’s alleged excuses “didn’t fit,” Pinnell said.

The sister called the police and local police found the victims at their home.

“Law enforcement opened the door,” the prosecutor said, “and then they discovered everything.”

The accused had remained “deceptive”, the prosecutor asserted.

Anthony Todt speaks to detectives.

Todt reportedly told a detective that “they bring their children into this world because of their belief that they should just choose when to leave.”

“The defendant wanted control,” repeated the prosecutor – control over the lives of his three children and his wife.

The accused once accused his wife Megan for the murders. He claims She killed the children by feeding them a poisoned dessert, murdered all three while they slept, and then killed herself.

defender Alesha Smith said during closing arguments that there were “holes,” “gaps,” and “reasonable doubts” in the state’s case.

Problems, Smith said, included some of the autopsy results “couldn’t rule out or tell you the true cause of death,” including whether suffocation or strangulation occurred — in part because the remains were being decomposed.

Tyler, Megan and Alek died by “homicidal violence by unspecified means,” Smith said; the active drug in Benadryl was also in their systems. Megan also suffered stab wounds. The bodies of Zoe, Alek and Tyler showed signs of “postmortem” stab wounds. But Megan, the wife and mother, had two wounds, each about 20cm deep, that were inflicted on her while Megan was alive – and Megan also had some alcohol in her system.

The defense claimed the results indicated Megan may have been the killer.

“The evidence, the evidence and the testimonies presented here at the trial have not established beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Todt was the one who did these things,” Smith claimed. “His testimony is that Megan did everything. . . He came home and his kids were dead, his wife was alive but essentially dying — stabbed herself in front of him and all.”

Booking photo via Anthony Todt.

Mugshot of Anthony Todt from the Osceola County Jail.

Pinnell refuted these arguments by pointing to the timeline.

“The defendant was in the house for over three weeks as they slowly decomposed while he was there,” the prosecutor claimed.

The decomposition prevented the coroner from answering the specific questions the defense raised, Pinnell said.

Prosecutors said the defendant admitted he had planned the murders since “before Halloween.”

“I did it – just get it over with,” Pinnell recalled the defendant’s words to authorities. She described him as a willing confessor who wanted to make sure the police knew exactly what he had done.

“In this case there is no reasonable doubt,” Pinnell said at the end of her argument.

During the pre-trial hearing, the defense also tried to overturn the results of a hospital interrogation, arguing that it took place before authorities fully informed Todt of his miranda Right. According to Law&Crime Network reports of the trial, two subsequent interrogations also took place, and Todt repeatedly confessed. The judge dismissed arguments that the interrogations should be thrown out, although the defense claimed Todt was suicidal and overdosed on Benadryl; The judge reportedly ruled that the interrogations were voluntary.

Anthony Todt holds his head in his hands as attorneys deliberate with a judge on Thursday, April 14, 2022 over a partially deadlocked jury.

Anthony Todt holds his head in his hands as attorneys deliberate with a judge on Thursday, April 14, 2022 over a partially deadlocked jury.

At approximately 5:45 p.m. local time on Thursday, April 14, the jury announced it was deadlocked on some counts but appeared to have reached a verdict on a few others. The judge first asked the jury to fill out sentencing forms on the charges leading to one or more verdicts and indicated that he would receive those forms in a sealed envelope. After consulting with the attorney, he said he would allow the jury to keep the forms and would read one out everyone Task to encourage the jury to continue their deliberations.

At around 6:50 p.m., the judge announced that a verdict had been reached.

When the first guilty verdict was read, Todt appeared to be sobbing easily; He then started shaking his head with “No” as the rest of the verdicts came in – and he continued to do so for quite a while afterwards. Todt continued to shake his head even after the judge found him guilty.

Given the mandatory sentences for the crimes for which the defendant was convicted, the defense declined to request a pre-sentencing report.

After a break of about fifteen minutes, the judge proceeded to deliver the verdict. An aunt of Megan Todt said Megan has “a lot of empathy for everyone” and a “giving heart.” Megan is the kind of person who makes soup for sick neighbors, the aunt said.

She added that the children traveled to convalescent homes to play concerts for informed residents during the holidays. Alek wanted to learn the violin and Tyler wanted to play folk guitar, the aunt told the court.

Children in the neighborhood began asking their fathers if they would kill them too, the aunt said while trying to explain the killings’ impact on the community. She called the ordeal a two-and-a-half-year “nightmare,” a “horrific tragedy,” and said the entire family was “devastated” and “embarrassed” by the deaths.

The aunt said the defendant would constantly call both his wife’s phone and her phone when she and Megan were having a girls’ day. She said the defendant’s actions amounted to harassment.

The defendant then asked to speak.

“It was a personal disaster in the lives of everyone in my family, including myself,” the defendant said. “I maintain my innocence.”

“I took care of my wife, did everything I could for my wife,” the accused said. “She got sicker and sicker over the years. There were days that were worse, days that were better. She was held by me on a pedestal. My children stayed – I did everything for them.”

The defendant said he gained significant weight because he “negated” himself and only got “two to three hours of sleep a night” from “treating” his wife.

“I appreciated her medical concerns and the reason I would call so often is because Megan would have bad days,” he said, referring to the phone calls the aunt was referring to.

“I love my wife; I love my children,” the defendant continued. “I was not there the night my children died.”

The defendant said the Friday before the death, his wife yelled at his son because the son had not cleaned a pot the way she would have preferred. He said his wife’s “anger issues” were often directed at him.

Todt said he told his wife she needed to see a doctor or he would start securing treatment. He said his wife hid every illness he complained about – and her alleged tantrums – from the public.

“She knew that I didn’t believe in this light and this other religion that she belonged to,” Todt continued. “But I supported her because that’s what a husband does. Everyone has the freedom to choose their own religion. Everyone has the freedom to choose their own actions.”

The defendant claimed his wife fell asleep and he went downstairs before being interrupted by his lawyer.

The attorney said the judge had no “authority to overturn the verdict.”

Todt said he needed to let the judge know what happened from his point of view.

He said an “altar” that has been widely discussed in connection with his case is actually a homeschooling project about Egypt. He also claimed to have trouble starting a car.

He ended by reaffirming his love for his wife and children.

“I didn’t do that,” Todt repeated.

He also stated that he “remembered” nothing of what happened when he claimed to have fallen down a flight of stairs and realized he was in jail.

The judge then said the accused was a “destroyer of worlds” – and a jury unanimously found that Todt had deliberately murdered four people.

The judge sentenced Todt to life in prison without the possibility of parole — four life sentences for four separate murders. The sentences were served one after the other. The judge also ordered a year in prison for killing the dog.

Anthony Todt was led out of the courtroom after being sentenced to four consecutive life sentences plus an additional year behind bars.

Anthony Todt was led out of the courtroom after being sentenced to four consecutive life sentences plus an additional year behind bars.

[Image via screengrab from the Law&Crime Network, except as noted.]

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