Anthony Todd’s next confession upheld in court

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Anthony Todd

A Florida judge partially blocked the confession of a man who killed his family, but this small victory for the defense later resulted in a major setback as the judge upheld the confession. next.

Anthony Todda physiotherapist who works in Connecticut but lives in Celebration, Florida; is found at home with his dead wife Meghan ToddBoy Alek Todt13 years old son Tyler Todd11 years old and daughter Zoe Todd4 and the family dog Breezy on January 13, 2020. There was an eviction notice from their home and authorities were hunting him for alleged healthcare fraud at the time.

Todd has blames his wife for the murder in a letter to his fatherbut prosecutors said he also made multiple confessions to detectives within hours and days after investigators found the bodies.

At the center of the Judge Keith A. Carsten‘S New verdict is reported is a detective Cole MillerInadequate management of a Miranda warned when investigators first spoke to Todt at the hospital on January 13, 2020. Miller was not available. Miranda cards with him and tries to issue warnings from pre-interrogation memory, according to the timeline outlined in the court documents.

Miller took corrective steps at the request of a colleague, the court noted, and ultimately treated the mistake as an error of good faith that did not affect the rest of communications with law enforcement.

“The Detective admitted that he had negligently failed to advise the Defendant that anything he said to the Detective could be used against him in court and if Defendant was unable to hire an attorney. , an attorney will be provided to him before and during questioning,” the court wrote.

Miller testified that he forgot to do this, and that it was not a plot to force Todt into confession.

Between a break of about 50 minutes after this first interview, Detective Ryan Quinn voice concerns outside the hospital room about Miranda warning may be missing elements. Miller delivered Miranda warning again — exactly this time — as they continued the interview in another room of the hospital.

Miller testified that Todt never hesitated to talk to detectives, he never said he didn’t want to talk, and he never asked for an attorney.

In his verdict, Carsten threw everything from before this 50-minute break. But while blocking a confession is usually good news for the defendant, it turned out to be a big problem for Todt: he allegedly continued to speak after detectives had made the full statement. Miranda warning and again on January 15, 2020 when detectives spoke to him in a follow-up interview.

“On January 15, 2020, detectives Cole Miller and Ryan Quinn received the second-longest and taped affidavit from Defendant in which he again detailed his involvement in the murders and animal deaths,” the judge wrote.

Carsten also determined that according to case law, Todt was in a state of mind capable of giving up Miranda authority after the appropriate warning and that he did not hesitate to speak.

“This is evidenced by Defendant’s repeated statements to the Detectives indicating that he wanted to talk to them, wanted to be held accountable, felt comfortable with the Detectives, and was not intimidated. by their presence or questioning,” the court wrote.

When paramedics took Todt from his home on January 13, he allegedly drank Benadryl to try to die by suicide.

During an evidence hearing, both the prosecution and the defense presented medical experts to testify about the impact Benadryl may have had on Todt’s ability to knowingly give up. Miranda the rights.

State expert, Dr. Bruce Goldbergtestified that although Todt appeared “unwell” during the interview, his responses to law enforcement were consistent and consistent with the questions asked, indicating that he He has at least some degree of situational awareness.

Defense expert Dr. Susan Skolly-Danziger—who has expressed concern about Todt’s self-reported visual hallucinations and claims to have spoken to his late wife – testifies that she believes Todt is under the influence of an overdose of Benadryl in interview on January 13 and that his mental clarity was most likely affected. However, during cross-examination, she admitted that Todt was able to answer basic questions, such as the exact date and identity of the president of the United States.

You can read the verdict below.

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