Analyzing Bets: Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most common problems for people starting in betting is poorly analyzing a bet based on unfounded news, rumors, or irrelevant statistics.

If we want to place a bet on our account -without relying on anyone’s opinion- there must be a prior study on our part, both of the competition and of the specific match in which we are going to get involved, and above all to know the sport.

Even though this content will try to focus on general sports betting, it will be highly beneficial for individuals interested in NFL spreads. The reason is that NFL is among the sports where bettors make the most mistake without knowing it.

With that being said, let us look at some of the most common mistakes bettors need to avoid to enhance their bet winning ratio.

Some Mistakes To Avoid In Betting

A very common mistake when analyzing is to rely solely on statistics. Statistics can be an essential basis in the argumentation of a bet. But it is a mistake to extrapolate this to other competitions and think that statistics are valid for everything.

A prominent example of this is the NFL, where there are teams that, from one season to another, are nothing alike, or even within the same season, a change of coach or a movement of players completely changes the style of the team, and any previous statistics are practically useless.

Analyze a Bet

To analyze, for example, a football match (which is the most typical), the first thing to do is to see the competition in question, the situation of both teams in that competition, and study the relevance of said match for the two teams, how vital the field factor can be, injured and suspended, possible starting elevens, how the game of one team fits with that of the other, breaking news, information on sports forecasts, etc.

We will simulate the analysis of a day in any European soccer league to give an example. It is important to have a ready-made analysis of how the competition is going and the relevance of each match for each team, but you should not bet too far in advance, except for apparent matches in which we see that the odds will drop a lot.

Previous Study Of a Bet

With the preliminary study already done, we have to wait 24/48 hours before the match, where we will have to look for information in the national sports press. You try to find one or two local newspapers or websites where you can read more clearly the news regarding each team.

In addition to the obligatory visit to the national and local press, it is usually advisable to also pay a visit to a fan forum of the teams in question (often last-minute leaks reach the forums much sooner than the press) and especially everything to monitor the movements of odds in the bookmakers, the ideal thermometer to make better soccer bets.

Our Advice

As a personal advice, it is usually good to argue your bet in writing, without hiding the risks, or at least make a list of pros and cons of the bet. Doing this can save you from more than one failed bet since. This is because, although we have the feeling that it can win, once we see the pros and cons, we can more clearly assess the risks of the bet.

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