An NJ County employee is suing the employer, claiming he faced retaliation after he reported having to clean up “heaps” of poop after his boss defecated throughout the hallway

A Mercer County analyst has filed a lawsuit in his state’s highest court, alleging his civil rights were violated by his employer. He further claimed that he was ignored because of his race, humiliated and forced to do degrading work, such as clearing his boss’s bowel movement.

After nearly eight years at the Mercer County Emergency Services Communications Center (MCESCC), Tyrone Ebron is suing his former employer, saying he has faced discrimination and abuse since he was hired in 2014.

The civil complaint received by the Atlanta Black Star was filed in the New Jersey Superior Court on Thursday, June 9 and named as its defendants Mercer County, Chief Jeffrey Golomb, Robert Hartman and others.

In his lawsuit, he mentioned that the chief had repeatedly broken promises of promotion, even though Ebron qualified. Instead, Ebron says, Golomb hired less competent workers. He believes race played a role in uplifting his peers.

He states that he was only promoted to Assistant Program Analyst in 2019, a position he did not consider competitive.

While being overlooked was problematic for Ebron, it was when his boss put him in a dangerous work environment and asked him to clean up his excrement that overdid the worker.

Ebron, a black man, says he’s had to clean up behind his white boss on several occasions, and the last time Golomb left “heaps of human excrement in the hallway.”

When he suggested to his boss that he stay home until he could control his bowel movements, Golomb only stayed home for a few days and returned to work with an attitude as if nothing had happened.

His lawyers said this caused his client great distress, as he believed he would have to clean up after the chief again if another accident happened.

Out of this fear, he contacted other officials.

The lawsuit states: “The plaintiff sent an urgent e-mail to the administration reporting threats to public health and safety arising from incidents involving his immediate superior, the defendant Golomb, the 9th 1-1 Mercer County Communications Chief.”

He told them his supervisor defecated on November 20, 2020 and February 25, 2021 “on the floors at the 9-1-1 communications center and also at the Mercer County Fire Academy.”

As evidence of his boss’s nasty machinations, he provided officers with a “video still of himself cleaning up” after the 2020 incident. He also told them that Golomb originally denied that he made the mess on the company floor, but later admitted it.

“The plaintiff had shown the defendant Golomb a copy of the security video of the plaintiff cleaning up the communications center to see how he would react,” the lawsuit stated. “Defendant Golomb took one look at the photo and then at the plaintiff before saying, ‘Oh, I thought I cleaned it all up.'”

Incredulous at his boss’ response: “Chief, you did that?” and “You had an ‘accident’?”

According to the complaint, “Defendant Golomb confirmed this by answering yes and then saying, ‘Thank you for your discretion in putting things right.'”

Little did the chief know that Ebron would report this incident.

The officer Ebron informed was District Administrator Lillian Nazzaro, who assured him his complaint would be anonymous, his request said. Shortly thereafter, however, Golomb’s attitude towards him had changed, the lawsuit splits, and when he tried to reach Nazzaro again, he was given the “cold shoulder”.

Because Ebron reported his boss and his boss found out, he, the only black man who works on the management team at the Mercer County Emergency Communications Center, believes it further prevented him from getting a promotion, and it became abundantly clear to him that he was discriminated against and sought promotions because of his race.

He said he felt his work life was on a “descent into a racially biased and hostile work environment fraught with retaliation.”

He said that over the next few years, under his boss’s supervision, and after the incident, Ebron “was treated consistently less favorably than white employees by the defendants” and under the command of County Office of Emergency Management coordinator Robert Hartman, he “was coerced to work overtime and was threatened with disciplinary action, while a white employee was allowed to sleep through shifts and then work overtime with no consequences.”

Ebron also said in his lawsuit that Golomb used a disrespectful tone in the office and publicly belittled him in a “condescending” and “disrespectful” manner.

He even claims to have been demoted while other white colleagues were pushed up the ranks in various roles on the job.

His attorneys stated, “The aggregate of the circumstances described in this indictment suggests discrimination as the plaintiff, the only black member of the management team, was subjected to multiple prejudicial employment actions, while white employees even those involved in egregious fraud, wastage.” and abuse were not subjected to any adverse action.”

Golomb, Hartman, no one else in the Mercer County government has commented on this case. An NJ County employee is suing the employer, claiming he faced retaliation after he reported having to clean up “heaps” of poop after his boss defecated throughout the hallway

Dustin Huang

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