An ALDI supermarket shopper’s incredible find on the back of the Honey Mustard Chicken Tonight jar will leave you speechless

An ALDI customer has sparked controversy after sharing a stunning discovery on the back of a jar of Honey Mustard Chicken Tonight Cooking Sauce.

In a popular Facebook group, the shopper posted an image of the popular supermarket purchase alongside the ALDI version of the same product.

Upon closer inspection of the back label, the customer was surprised to discover that the ALDI-exclusive Colway Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce had an almost identical ingredient list to the Chicken Tonight version.

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“And to think that there are still people out there who refuse to shop at Aldi because they think their products aren’t that good,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“By comparing the ingredients – which are as similar as possible – I know which one to reach for.”

The customer also pointed out that the ALDI version is significantly cheaper than Chicken Tonight, which retails for $3 at Coles and Woolworths.

An ALDI shopper compared the Colway Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce from the supermarket (left) to the same Chicken Tonight variety. Credit: Alide Moms/Facebook

“Saving over $1 per glass,” said the ALDI shopper.

Similarities in ingredient lists have raised questions about whether the two purchases are from the same supplier – despite the different price points.

The Chicken Tonight version proudly states that it’s made in Australia with at least 90 percent Australian ingredients.

An ALDI spokesman confirmed the Colway variety is also made on local shores – but didn’t specify whether it was made in the same factory as Chicken Tonight

“Our Colway Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce makes for a delicious dinner that we’re thrilled to have customers raving about,” an ALDI spokesman told

“At less than 50 cents a portion, not only does it offer great value for Australian families, it’s also made right here in Australia.”

Facebook users said it’s not the first time they’ve noticed similarities between ALDI products and similar big names.

“Just like their frozen cuisine pizza, it’s just McCains,” said one. “Well, if you like it, so much cheaper.

“I buy them and add extra toppings. I bought some today for under $4 each but they didn’t have Hawaiian (for my younger kids) went to Coles and the same pizza cost me $8.50.”

The ALDI customer pointed out that the lists of ingredients are almost identical. Credit: Aldi Mamas/Facebook

Adding another: “Just like her chips. They are the repackaged kettle chips.”

Another wrote: “I bought the ALDI meat lover pizza and you know it tastes just like Coles or Woolies McCains.”

However, some ALDI fans said they could taste a distinct difference between the ALDI honey mustard sauce and the Chicken Tonight variety.

“It’s funny you saying that. I love ALDI and don’t dislike anything, but this is one of the few things I don’t find that is as good as the branded product!” said one.

However, she later questioned her judgment after noting that “the ingredients are almost identical!”

Another said: “One from ALDI tastes way better if you ask me.”

A third wrote: “Personally I think the ALDI brand of honey mustard sauce is so much nicer than other brands. Most of the time, however, I make it myself and my children prefer ALDI Butter Chicken Sauce to others.”

Another said: “I’ve had both and can definitely taste the difference. I prefer the Chicken Tonight a lot, Masterfoods has a great recipe base too.”

Tens of thousands of wasps infest bathroom in Melbourne.

Tens of thousands of wasps infest bathroom in Melbourne. An ALDI supermarket shopper’s incredible find on the back of the Honey Mustard Chicken Tonight jar will leave you speechless

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