Amy Lynn Wright admits she tried to beat death related


Amy Lynn Wright (left in this 2020 photo and right last week, both with permission from the South Carolina Department of Corrections) is serving a 25-year sentence after pleading guilty to attempted murder.

A South Carolina woman has pleaded guilty to attempted murder after attempting to kill a 64-year-old relative with a hammer. The victim’s 65th birthday passed during two months of treatment at the hospital, where the elderly woman fought for her life during her official golden years, authorities said. said.

Amy Lynn Wright36 years old, will now serve 25 years in prison as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors from 11th law office on circuit. Meanwhile, the victim had returned home, but was “not the same person” she was with before the attack, according to family members. Those remarks were made by the family during Wright’s sentencing hearing according to a news release provided to him by the Attorney’s Office. Law & Crime. The family also notes that the victim “was independent before this happened and was… the glue that held the family together”. The same woman now “needs support with everything,” the family told the judge.

The name of the victim, who is related to Wright’s marriage, has not been made public.

The attack occurred on August 18, 2020, when officers with Cayce City Police Department was called to the victim’s home. The case report filed in court detailed the grim scene inside the house:

Upon arrival, law enforcement and first responders discovered the victim, then sixty-four (64) years old, sitting on a bloody bench with multiple wounds and injuries. lacerations on the head, face and hands. Law enforcement also observed pools of blood on the ground near the couch and a hammer. The victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The victim was unarmed and alone at the time of the attack by state prosecutors, who noted in court filings that the woman may have died of her injuries not from her niece. Miss. The young woman went to check on the victim when she heard her cry for help, arrived at the right time to find Wright rushing out the front door before her grandmother sat covered in blood, her skull crushed.

The attorney’s office said the victim then began a long road to recovery that continues to this day.

After the attack, the victim was hospitalized for nearly two months. The victim was on life support and her chances of survival were very low due to multiple skull fractures, brain bleeding and brain swelling. The victim had little brain activity and one of her eyes had to be sutured due to multiple orbital lesions. The victim had undergone multiple brain surgeries and her right index finger had been amputated. The victim is lucky to survive, however, her way of life will never be the same.

The incident report notes that investigators soon learned that “Wright had been living at the mansion for about two weeks with her two young children.” The victim welcomed her into the home “because Wright had nowhere else to go.”


The nature of Wright’s offense (the above prison sentence provided by SCDC) means that she will not be eligible for pardon or early release.

That report also laid out a possible motive for the attack, with officers noting after speaking to family members that the victim “expressed concern about Wright’s excessive drinking and the child,” angered Wright.

Wright eventually turned himself in to authorities and confessed to hitting the victim with a hammer. Investigators later shared some information from that initial interview in court filings, in part:

Wright admitted to hitting the victim with a hammer, but could not remember how many times he hit the victim. Wright said she didn’t like the way the victim talked to her children. Wright was later re-interviewed by another agency and admitted to harming the victim because the victim “repeatedly told her children not to touch things and not to run around in the house”. When asked about her children’s discipline, Wright explained that her children are spoiled and they get whatever they want. She again reiterated that she was “tired of victims telling their children not to touch things”.

The coroner told the judge at sentencing that this lack of remorse by Wright had not changed since the start of the investigation. He also described the horror of seeing new dents from the hammer on the victim’s skull when he arrived at the scene in August 2020.

This isn’t the first time Wright has interfered with the law: Prosecutors note that she has been charged with assault and assault with intent to murder, possession of marijuana, a DUI, and endangering a child in the past.

Wright’s prison records show that she is currently serving a sentence at Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution, an all-female establishment just outside the capital city of South Carolina, Colombia. And she will stay there until 2047 as there is no chance of early release or pardon due to the nature of her offense. The Law in South Carolina classifies intentional homicide as a violent and serious felony, stating:

A person who, with intent to kill, attempts to kill another person with premeditated malice, whether expressed or implied, commits murder with intent. Anyone who violates this section is guilty of a felony, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than thirty years. A sentence imposed under this section may neither be suspended nor allowed to be placed on probation.

Wright still claims to be living at the victim’s home in court records.


Wright has a long criminal history (select charges above permission from the South Carolina Supreme Court)

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