All skills from the Spore Guard skill tree in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features six classes, each a variant of classic RPG classes. The Spore Warden functions as a summoner that rolls through the wonderlands with a Mushroom Companion that attacks and poisons enemies. This class is support-focused, so it’s better suited to co-op, but it can also be used in single-player. Here are all the skills in the Spore Guardian skill tree.

All abilities of the Spore Guard

The Spore Guard’s class feature is the mushroom pet that attacks enemies and deals poison damage. When you ping an enemy, the mushroom focuses on that enemy. All bonuses that increase player damage also increase damage for the Mushroom Companion. The first action skill is Barrage, which allows you to summon a bow and fire seven shots, each of which bounces off two additional enemies. This ability has multiple charges and its damage increases based on weapon damage bonuses. The second Action Skill is Blizzard, which fires 3 Frost Cyclones that seek out enemies and deal damage.

Level 1 skills

  • Bounty of the Hunt (5 levels): Action skill cooldown rate is increased for a short time after a kill.
  • Kindred Heart (5 levels): Increases the pet’s health and damage.
  • Eagle Eye (5 levels): Increases weapon damage and handling.

Level 2 skills

  • Affinity (5 levels): Increases ability damage
  • Spore Cloud (1st level): Mushroom Companion occasionally leaves behind a cloud of gas that taunts enemies and deals damage.
  • Bullseye (5 levels): Weapon and companion critical hit chance is increased.

Level 3 skills

  • Quiver of Holding (3 levels): Magazine size is increased and the currently equipped weapon regenerates ammo over time.
  • Medicinal Mushroom (Level 1): In Save Your Soul, the mushroom pet attempts to revive you, dealing additional damage to both you and the mushroom for a period of time if successful.
  • Windwalker (3 levels): After a kill, movement speed and fire rate are increased for a period of time. This skill can be stacked.

Level 4 skills

  • Thrills of the Hunt (3 levels): Critical hits with the weapon grant increased companion damage for a period of time. That can stack.
  • Called Shot (3 levels): Aiming down the sight increases weapon damage and damage resistance. These piles for every second that are facing down.

Level 5 skills

  • Nature’s Wrath (3 levels): Whenever you deal attribute damage, the affected enemy takes additional damage from all sources.
  • Headhunter (1st level): Weapon damage dealt to critically hit areas is increased.

Level 6 skills

  • Play the Angles (Level 1): Critical hits with the weapon have a chance to ricochet and deal less ability damage. Ricochet shots have a chance to ricochet again. All skills from the Spore Guard skill tree in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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