All NPC and Character Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

If you’re a fan of Fortnite lore, you’ll love meeting the new faces debuting in Chapter 3 Season 2. Unlike last season , there are many boss fights to fight and multiple loot items to grab . However, friendlier characters like Jonesy The First, The Foundation, and even Brainiac are just a few of the characters returning from Season 1. There are 24 NPCs to hunt in total, and many of them are practically hiding from you. Here’s where everyone is located.

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  • 1. The origin: North of Sanctuary, The Origin runs on a patch between two outpost buildings.
  • 2. The imagined: Like Agent Jones, The Imagined visits one of the seven outposts at the outer corners of the map.
  • 3. The visitor: The Guard of the Seven is on the largest island on the east side of the map. He can be found roaming the building on the north side.
  • 4. The scientist: This NPC walks around the bus garage in Synapse Station.
  • 5.Agent Jones: Like The Imagined, Agent Jones spawns in one of the seven outposts located in the corners of the map.
  • 6. The Foundation: Similar to Chapter 3 Season 1, The Foundation strolls through the center of Sanctuary
  • 7. Bunker Jones: Bunker Jones can be spotted outside in the lower parts of The Joneses.
  • 8.Ludwig: Ludwig walks around a red two-story house south of The Joneses.
  • 9. Brainiac: Possibly the hardest to find, Brainiac follows a dirt path that runs west of the Joneses west of Sanctuary
  • 10. Mullet Marauder: On the north side of The Joneses, this NPC walks around a small wooden house.
  • 11. Jonesy the First: Jonesy The First enters a blue house located in the center of The Joneses.
  • 12. Leader of the cuddle team: Like last season, the NPC is on the first floor of the house with the pink roof north of Camp Cuddle.
  • 13. Metal team leader: There is a chance that each player will see different NPCs in one of the small log cabins in the center of Camp Cuddle. When Metal Team Ladder spawns in-game, you’ll find him in the log cabin closest to the west.
  • 14. Snuggle Pool: Similar to Metal Team Leader, Cuddlepool also has a chance to spawn in one of the log cabins in the middle of Camp Cuddle. They spawn in the cabin on the right.
  • 15. Quack: Like NPCs 13 and 14, Quackling has a small chance of spawning in Camp Cuddle. If so, they can be spotted in the little log cabin with the yellow roof.
  • 16. Guaco: The NPC is in the attic of a yellow house on the north side of Greasy Grove.
  • 17. Small Whip: On the south side of Coney Crossroads, Lil Whip is in the attic of a white two-story house.
  • 18. Bao Bros: Bao Bros is located inside the motel on the south side of Condo Canyon. You can find him on the top floor behind a closed bamboo door.
  • 19. Tomato head: You can meet Tomatohead in the tower closest to the Tilted Tower soccer field. He’ll be on the third floor, behind a closed door.
  • 20. Man cake: On the left side of Rocky Reels, Mancake is on the first floor of the narrow tower.
  • 21. Peely: Peely is in the building in the top right corner of The Daily Bugle. He’s in a bathroom on the fourth floor.
  • 22. Gunnar: Just like Season 1, Gunnar stays in the Command Cavern and is usually located near a pool of water in the mountain.
  • 23. Jagdmeister Saber: This NPC is located in the IO Airship above the Command Cave.
  • 24. Slone: Doctor Slone can be spotted inside the drill in the fortress. All NPC and Character Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

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