All new movies are coming to streaming this week

This week is going to be very busy when it comes to everything to watch streaming. From some of the best horror movies of the year to dynamic debuts and explosive Hollywood riffs, there’s so much worth checking out across a variety of genres.

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A house of splinters

Release date: Tuesday February 21 on VOD

is to start us A house of splinters, a documentary film about young children living in Ukrainian shelters. It was created before Russia launched a full-scale invasion, but it observes how the region faced many challenges even before that. It’s a tough watch how unabashed it is to witness the pain in children’s lives, but the subject itself would ask for nothing less.


Release date: February 22 on Paramount+

One of the most controversial films of recent months, Damien Chazelle‘S Babylon is still a work with much to offer, as it takes a short-tempered but cynical approach to Hollywood history. It focuses on multiple characters trying to navigate the rough world of entertainment from the development of silent film to talkie, and is supported by a score that keeps things moving even when it stumbles. It’s an experience that captures how the band just keeps playing no matter what’s going on around them.

estate agents

Release date: Tuesday February 21 on VOD

A sweet yet dark story of a found family, estate agents is a festival film that deserves your attention for all it can sensitively explore. When it comes to following a group of hucksters trying to find a family for a child their mother can’t raise, it’s great where it counts. Each of the characters is one that the film is filled with compassion for without ever compromising on addressing their rough edges. It can then hurt to hold them so tight, but the film does.


Release date: Friday, February 24 on Hulu

Be it as the world speeds by as the characters go on motorcycle rides or as everything slows down in the chaos of a brawl, the strong feature debut is this bleeders finds poetic beauty amidst the brutality of growing up. The less is known about this one the better as it is a visually beautiful experience best enjoyed with an open mind.


Release date: Wednesday, February 22 on Paramount+

The most recent retelling of Edmond Rostand’s 1897 classic play isn’t the only one to have taken on the material, although it is the one with the greatest acting edge one could wish for: Peter Dinklage. From the moment we hear his voice booming through a crowded theater in the opening, he completely owns the title character. The rest of the film is also an upbeat film that features great music, both parts of Wherever I Fall still stand out, and plenty of great performances that make for a work of cinematic poetry all in its own right.


Release date: Tuesday February 21 on The Criterion Channel

We know there’s been some chatter about a movie about a different animal altogether, but you’ll still want to make time to see the donkey that stars EO. Both are based on their narrative and take a more experimental approach at key moments. It’s one of the most immersive cinematic experiences that ticks all the boxes.

Knock at the hut

Release date: Tuesday February 21 on VOD

One of the acclaimed director’s best films to date M. Night Shyamalan, Knock at the hutalso boasts a spectacular performanceDavid Bautista like you’ve never seen him before. The story of a family on vacation that goes horribly wrong when intruders break in differs from its source material in many ways. However, it still captures a sense of dread that creeps up on you and won’t let go when faced with the possibility of the end of the world.

Unrated M3GAN

Release date: Friday February 24th on Peacock

You might think you’ve seen a movie about a murderous doll before, but none of them are like that M3GAN. This is especially true now that it recently released an unrated cut that will allow for a lot more violence for anyone who felt the original only slightly pulled back its punches. While more silly than scary, it’s still a fun time that delivers on all of its promises.


Release date: Tuesday February 21st on Amazon Prime

A classic horror story about a curse that devours the lives of everyone it touches, Smile proved it lived up to its creepy marketing and then some. The premise is simple: if you see someone take their own life in front of you, you’ll be marked next. Is there a risk that watching will get you caught in the deadly cycle? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

turn me around

Release date: Friday, February 24 on Hulu

In case you missed it turn me around When it was first released, you should fix that as soon as possible. There is nothing else that can or should be talked about other than stars Alison Brieas a manager of a restaurant chain who is invited to Italy for a business training session. Things soon take a turn in a journey that switches between genres to delightful effect.

The whale

Release date: Tuesday February 21 on VOD

The whale, for all the joy of seeing its leading role back on screen, is not a good film. For those who want to see what hopefully is the beginning Brendan Fraser‘s comeback, he gives a truly empathetic performance in an otherwise failed film. That might sound a bit harsh, but it needs to be said so viewers know what they’re getting themselves into. All new movies are coming to streaming this week

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