All Mega Scizor weaknesses and best Pokemon counters in Pokemon Go

Mega Scizor appears in Mega Raids in Pokémon Go, giving you a chance to earn Mega Scizor Candy. For those who have been waiting for this Bug and Steel-type Pokemon, beating it and adding it to your collection is all yours. There are only a handful of weaknesses and Pokemon you can use against them. This guide covers all of Mega Scizor’s weaknesses and the best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go.

All of Mega Scizor’s weaknesses

Mega Scizor is a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon. It is only weak to Fire-type attacks and resistant to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Steel-type attacks. You just want to use a Pokemon that has access to Fire-type moves and is resistant to Bug, Steel, or Dark-type moves that Mega Scizor will use during the raid.

The best Pokémon counters to Mega Scizor

The best Pokemon against Mega Scizor are Darmanitan, Moltres, and Chandelure.

Darmanitan is a Fire-only Pokémon. It’s an exceptional power, with its main drawback being its light defense. You’ll want to use this to attack and heavily damage Mega Scizor during combat, but don’t expect Darmanitan to last too long. The best move set to teach Darmanitan for this fight is the fast move Fire Fang and the charged moves Psychic and Overheat. Overheat is the primary charged move you use.

Next we have the legendary bird Moltres. It’s a Fire and Flying Pokémon that can withstand Mega Scizor’s Bug and Steel-type moves throughout the fight. This choice is significantly stronger than Darmanitan and has higher defense stats to ensure it can stay in the fight. The best moveset to teach Moltres is the fast move Fire Spin and the charged moves Overheat and Sky Attack.

The last Pokemon we are going to recommend is Chandelure, a Fire and Ghost type Pokemon. While Chandelure is weak to Dark-type attacks that Mega Scizor uses, it is resistant to Bug and Steel-type moves, which still makes it a viable option for this encounter. The best moveset to teach Chandelure is the fast move Fire Spin and the charged moves Shadow Ball and Overheat.

You should use a full team of six Pokémon for this battle. Here are different options you can add to your team to increase your chances of success.

  • Blaziken
  • Charizard
  • beacon
  • Heatran
  • Hisuian arcanine
  • Ho Oh
  • hell apple
  • Mag Mortar
  • Reshiram
  • salamander
  • salad

If you defeat Mega Scizor, you’ll get Mega Candy for that Pokémon and you can catch a Scizor. All Mega Scizor weaknesses and best Pokemon counters in Pokemon Go

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