All Lucky Dice locations in Shattergrave Barrow in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Each major location in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a set of Lucky Dice for you to collect. Each one you pick up has a chance to drop powerful loot, increasing your overall chances of picking up better loot from each enemy. This guide will show you where to find all Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow.

lucky dice 1

lucky dice-1-tiny-tina-swonderlands
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The first lucky die is in the building you will encounter when entering Shattergrave Barrow. You need to smash your way through the back wall with a melee attack. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice 1 card reference tiny tinas wonderlands
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lucky dice 2

lucky dice-2-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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You’ll find this second Lucky Dice behind a tombstone as you walk around the area. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-2-map-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 3

lucky dice-3-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The third lucky die is in a shallow grave to the left of the main path. You have to jump onto a ledge to access it. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-3-shattergrave-barrow-map-reference-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 4

lucky dice-4-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The fourth lucky die is on the ledge to your right. A tombstone and a bush hide it, but the glow gives it away. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-4-shattergrave-barrow-map-reference-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
Gamepur screenshot

lucky dice 5

lucky dice-5-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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In the first open area with a large central island you will find the fifth lucky cube. It’s on the right side of the island and you have to climb up to get there. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-5-shattergrave-barrow-map-reference-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
Gamepur screenshot

lucky dice 6

lucky dice-6-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The sixth lucky cube is around the corner to the left of the main tomb in the area. It looks like you’re leaving the map, but you’re still firmly on land. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-6-map-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 7

lucky dice-7-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The seventh lucky die is in a room to the right of the main entrance to the central tomb. You must perform a melee attack to break in. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-7-map-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 8

lucky dice-8-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The eighth Lucky Cube is on your left as you work your way around the circle of the main tomb. You need to follow this path for the main quest, so it should be easy to find. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-8-card-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 9

lucky dice-9-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The ninth lucky die is on your right just before you fall back into the tomb where Queen Buttstalion is waiting for you to read the book. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-9-card reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 10

lucky dice-10-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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This tenth lucky die is behind a row of barrels to your right as you delve deeper into the tomb. Again, you’ll need to perform a melee attack to reveal it. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-10-card-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 11

lucky dice-11-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The eleventh lucky cube is to the right of the spooky open area where creepy crawlies will jump out to attack you. The only way to get there is by jumping over the platform you enter the area from. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-11-map-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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lucky dice 12

lucky dice-12-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
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The final Lucky Cube for Shattergrave Barrow is to the left of the giant swinging axe, which you’ll find here as you progress through the main quest. Don’t spend too long looking for it, just jump into the small room to the left of the ax and you’ll find it. See below for a map reference.

lucky dice-12-card-reference-shattergrave-barrow-tiny-tinas-wonderlands
Gamepur screenshot All Lucky Dice locations in Shattergrave Barrow in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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