All Kunemon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

Kunemon is the Caterpillar Digimon in Digimon Survive. Kunemon is Ryo Tominaga’s partner and unlike the other partner, Digimon, cannot speak. Beware of spoilers for the game belowas Kunemon’s Digitations are plot specific.

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Kunemon’s digitations in Digimon Survive

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Kunemon is unlucky enough to team up with Ryo, the coward of the group who is having a nervous breakdown in Part 3. SPOILERS FOR PART 3, but Ryo dies at the end of Part 3 after wandering into the mist and being grabbed by sinister arms. Kunemon will disappear and you will never see any of Kunemon’s digitations.

However, you can save Ryo in the New Game+. If you reach level 30 affinity with Ryo before the end of Part 3, Kunemon will save Ryo. You can experience Kunemon Digivolve for the first time in the next part. Most partner Digimon start out as basic rookies and have the potential to Digivolve three times. Each advanced form is labeled Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Kunemon is one of the easier Digitations to track, as Kunemon has a straightforward evolution chain that doesn’t branch into other types of evolutions.

Kunemon’s champion form is flymon. Ryo’s Kunemon can first digitize into Flymon in Part 4. Kunemon attains its ultimate form around part 6, and Kunemon’s ultimate form is it JewelBeemon. Kunemon’s mega form is BanchoStingmon. Below is a simple diagram of Ryo’s Kunemon’s digitations:

  • Flymon -> Jewel Beemon -> Bancho Stingmon

Exclusive Kunemon digitations

You can recruit other Kunemon in later parts of the game; If you lose Kunemon in Part 3, you can get a new one. You may encounter enemy Kunemon in Free Battles and Shadow Battles. If you face another Kunemon in battle, you can use the Talk option to recruit him.

All Kunemons share the same evolutionary chain as Ryo’s Kunemon, but other Kunemons’ evolutions involve a different digitation chain. Other Kunemons can Digivolve from Flymon Mega Kabuterimon. MegaKabuterimon can then digivolve into both HerculesKabuterimon, GranKuwagamon, or BanchoStingmon. Also, JewelBeemons that digitize from wild Kunemons can digitize into Hercules Kabuterimon. Ryo’s Kunemon can never evolve into Hercules Kabuterimon.

Below is another simple diagram showing the Digivolution exclusive line for other Kunemons:

  • Flymon —> MegaKabuterimon —> HerculesKabuterimon/GranKuwagamon/BanchoStingmon

Ryo’s Kunemon always reverts to its rookie form after each Digitation. Other Kunemons do not return and remain evolved. To evolve Digimon without a partner, you need Slabs. All Kunemon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

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