All hidden Waddle Dee locations in Abandoned Beach in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Waddle Dees play an important role in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. After they are captured, you must rescue them not only to help improve Waddle Dee Town, but also to gain access to certain areas of the game. As you go a little off the beaten path in each level of the game, you’ll likely discover some hidden Waddle Dees. Here’s where to find the hidden ones in the Abandoned Beach level.

Don’t worry about finding Waddle Dees until you defeat Wild Bonkers, a boss you find early in the level. After defeating him, pick up the Hammer ability he drops, as you’ll need it to get the first two Waddle Dees.

Hidden Waddle Dee #1

After defeating Wild Bonkers, go right and you will find a body of water. Keep going through the water and you should see a ladder in the background.

Kirby is standing in front of a ladder
Gamepur screenshot

Climb up the ladder and you’ll find a tree stump at the top. After hitting it hard with your hammer, the platform you’re on will lower, revealing the location of the hidden Waddle Dee.

Hidden Waddle Dee #2

At one point in the level, you’ll travel up a creek, avoiding some whirlpools along the way. Look to the right side of the level and you should see some rocks that can be used as platforms.

Kirby is standing on a ledge
Gamepur screenshot

Jump up the rocks and you will discover a tree stump. Hit it to reveal a secret door on your left, then go through it to enter a challenge room.

A secret room on the side of a cliff opens
Gamepur screenshot

To get this Waddle Dee you must successfully complete the challenge of this room. Luckily, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is hit the tree stump in the room and then run through an obstacle course to the trapped Waddle Dee before a timer runs out. Achieving this will earn you the Waddle Dee.

Hidden Waddle Dee #3

You can find the last Waddle Dee in the last area of ​​the level. At one point, you can breathe in a ringlight to take on the form of the Ringmaw, and you need that form’s special ability to get the Waddle Dee. As you make your way through some narrow platforms that sit over a large body of water, you’ll find a windmill on the left side of the level. Use Kirby’s Gust ability on the Windmill, which causes a boat to appear.

Kirby stands in front of a boat
Gamepur screenshot

Get on the boat and then head to the extreme northwest face in the area. There will be a weak wall to ram into.

Kirby faces a weak wall
Gamepur screenshot

Once you ram into it, you’ll reveal a hidden path that will lead you to the final hidden Waddle Dee, as well as three slices of watermelon. All hidden Waddle Dee locations in Abandoned Beach in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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