All four cached passwords in Kahl’s Prison Break mission in Warframe

The Kahl’s Prison Break weekly mission contains several optional challenges for players to complete. Finding all four cache passwords is one of these optional tasks and is the hardest to complete. Kahl’s Garrison is a Syndicate introduced with the Warframe Veilbreaker update. Completing these optional challenges will earn you Stocks, a currency used to purchase various items and weapons. This guide explains how to find all four cache passwords in Kahl’s Prison Break mission in Warframe.

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Where to find all four cached passwords in Warframe?

Finding all four cache passwords is difficult and requires you to use your squad commands effectively. The Prison Break mission asks you to rescue some Grineer soldiers and fight your way to a DropShip with them and escape. During the mission, you must find and complete the optional challenges to complete them and earn stocks.

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Unlike Kahl’s other weekly missions, you don’t need to remember the password to solve a puzzle in the mission. You must find and secure them. If you find all four, you can open a password cache chest and complete the challenge. Unfortunately, the Prison Break mission comes with two RNG sets to battle your way through. The level changes to different designs and the passwords are randomly placed every time you play the level.

As you run through the stage, you’ll notice an objective that highlights a barricade that’s completely immune to your damage. These should not be confused with the Sentient Immunodes. To destroy these objects, you must order one of your squad members to destroy them. Use the squad command menu and aim at the barricade to have your crew member destroy the object. Inside the object is a glowing orange icon. Go up and activate the icon to get a cache password.

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To complete this challenge you need to find four icons and find the chest with the password cache. The chest itself often spawns towards the end of the mission, usually in the same room as the Wolf of Saturn Six boss fight. To counteract the randomness of the items and stages, the best way to find these passwords is to search the level and not go to the main objective on the mini-map. After searching every corridor and room away from the core objective, move on.

If you do this for each section, you should have no problem backing up the cache passwords, genestamps, and Kahl’s hidden floof as well. All four cached passwords in Kahl’s Prison Break mission in Warframe

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