All contract types in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 explained

Aside from shooting and surviving during a typical Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 match, you can engage in several bonus objectives called Contracts. They represent lucrative opportunities to take part in various types of special missions, with the chance of a lucrative reward if you manage to complete them. Rewards range from cash and XP to gear, respawns and winning the game directly. Players who played the original Warzone will recognize Contracts as very similar to their previous iteration. Essentially, these additional objectives appear as small green rectangles throughout the Al Mazrah map. There are five types of contracts in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and in this article we will break them down for you.

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All types of contracts in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

premium contract

Bounty is a fairly simple contract to understand and complete. Essentially, starting this contract instantly places a target on an enemy player’s back. You can track him for a limited time in which your goal is to eliminate him. If you manage to successfully complete this contract, you will be rewarded with a cash and XP prize.

Most wanted contract

This contract is the complete opposite of the concept of Bounty. In Most Wanted, you become a target and must fend off all attackers. This contract is one of those high risk, high reward games. When you initiate this contract, a timer begins to count down, representing the time you have to survive. If you somehow manage to complete this contact, not only will you be rewarded with cash and XP, but all the eliminated players on your team will be revived at the same time, even after the Gulag has closed. However, if you get eliminated by the enemies, they will give you some money instead.

Safecracker Contract

These contracts represent some of the most lucrative ways to take over Warzone. If you choose the Safecracker Contract, three “Safe” icons will appear around you on the map. These safes are spread out over the same area and you need to find and unlock them. Each is filled with cash and loot. If you manage to successfully loot all three safes, you can return to the buy station and choose between reviving a dead teammate or buying a better weapon for your gear.

Secure Intel contract

Unlike the previous contracts, which are essentially pretty easy to understand, the Secure Intel contract takes a slightly more complex approach. This contract consists of two parts. During the first part of this quest you will have to find a laptop that can be located anywhere in Al Mazrah and after finding it, get information from it. Once you get the information, you need to go to the newly marked location on the map. Once you manage to get there, you must successfully upload the data without getting killed. Only then will you get cash and XP as a reward, but on top of that you’ll also get the location on the next circle, which can take you far to your team’s victory.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Finally, this is the most complex and difficult contract of all. The Tactical Nuke Contract is also known as the Champion’s Quest and if you complete it successfully, you win the game. The goal of this contract will be familiar to experienced CoD players as the end goal is essentially the same as the CoD multiplayer game. In Warzone there is only a small difference, because here you must first collect the three components of the atomic bomb.

When you initiate the contract, a 27-minute timer begins to expire. During this time, you must collect the three Nuke components, then find the bomb site to place them on, and then assemble and arm the Nuke. But that’s not all, now you have to defend the bomb site for two full minutes before the nuclear bomb explodes. Only then will you be rewarded with victory. All contract types in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 explained

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