All Characters, Ship Codes for Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

The Mando, Grogu aka Baby Yoda, and Dengar, another bounty hunter, stand together in a gray hallway.

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There are about 40,000 playable characters and ships in the new Lego Star Wars Game. (Editor’s Note: No, there are only about 350.) But most of them are locked when you start and as you complete all story missions they will be unlocked something of these heroes and villains in The Skywalker Sagayou still have to work to acquire most of the others.

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Luckily there are a few codes for Skywalker saga this can speed up the process and will also unlock some of the game’s more silly or weird characters. By using these codes you can save the studs that you would normally have had to spend to unlock them.

  • SIDIOUS – Emperor Palpatine
  • DAY OF LIFE – GNK Droid (Christmas variant)
  • WOOKIEE – Chewbacca (Christmas variant)
  • TIP – DO Droid (Christmas variant)
  • KORDOKU – Poe Dameron (Christmas Variant)
  • WROSHYR – Darth Vader (Christmas variant)
  • C3PHOHO – C-3PO (Christmas Variant)
  • 3FCPPVX – Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Z55T8CQ – Poggle The Lesser
  • WBFE4GO – Nute Gunray
  • GR2VBXF – Ratt’s Tyerell
  • ARVALA7 – Razor Crest (Ship of the Mandalorian)
  • COMMUTE – Galaxy’s Edge/Resistance transport ship
  • OKV7TLR – Character Dengar (bounty hunter).
  • XV4WND9 -Admiral Holdo
  • KH7P320 – Aayla Secura
  • SKY SAGA -Temmin/Snap Wexley
  • BACK1CKP – Mr Bone
  • T9LM1QF – Schmi Skywalker

If you’re wondering where I got these codes, don’t worry, I didn’t steal them from a Bothan spy or anything. These codes come from two places. Some codes have been sent to us and other outlets to share with you, our fine readers. And the other codes were originally included in different ones war of stars-Themed Lego sets, some of which I bought myself. But these sets were released in 2020, so before all the delays, so most of them are hard to find now.

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Luckily, these codes are universal and can be used by an unlimited number of people and don’t appear to have an expiration date. (Of course, not being a Jedi, I can’t predict the future, so I can’t guarantee they’ll continue to work forever, so I’d suggest using them sooner rather than later!)

Here’s how to use them. Don’t feel bad if you’ve overlooked this before, as the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining where or how to use its cheat codes.

1. Press the directional pad to open your holoprojector.

2. Switch to the “Extras” tab.

3. Then click on the “Enter Code” option and enter a code. (One after the other!)

Alternatively, you can open the pause menu and select the key icon labeled Enter Code.

If fans discover new codes or TT Games shares new codes in the future, we will update this post and add them here. Enjoy these freebies. All Characters, Ship Codes for Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

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