All characters and how to unlock them in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game has several characters from the evil Dead Universe that pops up everywhere, and many of them you can use as playable characters. Some of these characters are not immediately available and you must unlock them by progressing through the available missions in the single player section. In this guide we will cover all the characters and how to unlock them in Evil Dead: The Game.

All characters and how to unlock them

These are all playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game. This list includes all survivors and demons that you can play in multiplayer.

  • Amanda Fisher – Slayer
  • Annie Knowby – Leader
  • Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead) – Leader
  • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) – Warrior
  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) – Hunter
  • Ash Williams (The Evil Dead) – support
  • Cheryl Williams – support
  • Deadite – Warlord
  • Deadite Berserker – Puppeteer
  • Deadite Elite – Warlord
  • Demi-Eligos – Puppeteers
  • Ed Getly – Hunter
  • Eligos – puppeteers
  • Evil Ash – Necromancer
  • Henrietta—Warlord
  • Henry the Red – Warrior
  • Kelly Maxwell – Hunter
  • Lord Arthur – Chief
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar – support
  • Scotty—Warrior
  • Skeleton – Necromancer
  • Skeleton Elite – Necromancer

You only need to unlock four of the available characters on this list. You can unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Amanda Fisher, Pablo Simon Bolivar and Lord Arthur, all survivors. Everyone starts the game with all available demons.

How to unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

You can unlock that particular Ash Williams by completing “If You Love Someone, Free Them… With a Chainsaw.” It’s the first on the mission list, a single player adventure. You fight an army of Deadites as Ash tries to piece together Linda, his old friend he had to kill, and the rest.

How to unlock Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher is the second character you unlock in Evil Dead: The Game. You can unlock them by completing the Kill ‘Em All mission, the third available on the list. You must have completed the first and second missions before you can start them. Here you play as Ash tries to rid the city of the Deadite plague.

How to unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar

The third character you can unlock is Pablo Simon Bolivar. You play as him in his mission It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go! where Pablo tries to locate Ash in a Deadites-infested village to help him escape.

How to unlock Lord Arthur

The last character you can unlock is Lord Arthur, which you can do in the Homecoming King mission. Here you play as Lord Arthur trying to open a rift back to his timeline. During the mission, Arthur’s nemesis Evil Ash and his skeleton army want to prevent him from achieving his goal.

After completing these missions, you will have unlocked all available characters in Evil Dead: The Game. You can use them freely in practice matches or against other players in multiplayer matches. All characters and how to unlock them in Evil Dead: The Game

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