All abilities for Fiend of Wrath in Monark

Depending on your answers to Yoru’s questions after the tutorial, you’ll receive a random Fiend to aid you in combat. This can involve any of the Ego Traits, from Attraction to Desire. The Fiend of Wrath is obtained by answering questions firmly and decisively, much like the unit itself. Wrath is a heavy damage dealer that focuses on boosting his own and others’ attacks, sometimes to the detriment of the team. Here are all the abilities for the Fiend of Wrath in Monark.

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  • Electrotherapy: Restores 50% of the user’s HP. Upgrade to increase healing.
  • Disable resistance: Increases resistance to Disable.
  • Bleeding Resistance: Increases resistance against Bleed.
  • Confusion resistance: Increases resistance against Confusion.
  • Jolting Blow: Attack with a chance of causing a Conflict. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Static Strike: Initiates an electric shock capable of causing Disabling. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Sharp incision: Attack with chance to cause Bleeding. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Reproachfully: Attacks an ally, healing them Sleep, Confusion, and Enchantment. This attack cannot hit critical. Damage reduction upgrade.
  • Hot Swap – Full dedication: Doubles both damage dealt and damage taken for three turns.
  • Schism Slash: Takes a hit from the rope, hitting all targets in range. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Magnetic repulsion: Performs an attack that teleports all enemies in range. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Swap – Revenge: Increases POWER of allied counterattacks for three turns.
  • Mjolnir Streak: Fires electric arrows that attack all enemies in range. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Make a phone call: Calls down a lightning that has the ability to disable. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Desperate strike: An all-out attack that gives up all self-preservation, lowering the user’s DEF to perform a high-powered attack. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Static shield: Increases ally’s DEF by one stage.
  • Short circuit – Detonation: A powerful attack that hits all units in range and the user’s KO. Upgrades increase damage.
  • DEF UP: Passively increases DEF by a fixed percentage.
  • Hot Swap – Static Shield: When performing a support attack, raise the supported unit’s ATK for two turns instead.
  • Choreomania: Performs a powerful attack on a random allied or enemy unit in range, including the user. This attack cannot hit critical. Upgrades increase damage.
  • Hot Swap – Voltaic’s Wrath: Increases attack by one stage whenever receiving an attack for two turns.
  • Hot Swap – Carnage: Multiply the next attack’s power by 2.25x.
  • Voltaic Rage: Increases ally’s attack by one stage.

Wrath is a high-risk, high-reward unit in combat. Stacking ATK UP buffs on Wrath before using Hot Swap – Utter Devotion will allow Wrath to deal extremely high explosive damage in one attack or eliminate the entire party via Short Circuit – Detonate. However, do not ignore Wrath’s other moves. Rebuke is a great Power to combine with Pride’s ADE – Boosters or to support other units most consistently. All abilities for Fiend of Wrath in Monark

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