AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results

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Adam ‘Hangman’ Page (c) vs. Bryan Danielson (AEW World Championship Match)

We are kicking off with a bang as the AEW World Championship match is our opener! The two men tie up immediately, and while Bryan Danielson gets out of it, he then hits some jumping jacks to get in the champion’s head. The champion then takes his challenger down to the mat, but the number one contender responds well by doing the same.

Page drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle, but when he goes for a chop, Danielson avoids it again and the jumping jacks are back. The American Dragon continues to annoy the champion as he uses the ropes to stop any offense. The two men then trade leg sweeps until Hangman avoids one and rocks Bryan with a kick. Danielson then extends his hand but the champion has no desire to shake it.

Bryan then looks to leap over Page, but he gets caught and slammed to the mat. However, he cannot continue that momentum as Danielson goes for the ankle pick and he begins working this area of the body. Danielson then locks in the dragon sleeper variation, but Hangman is able to get out. Despite that, Bryan then nails him with several chops and a headbutt but Page then runs through another chop and responds with one of his own.

Hangman then fires in with 10 punches in the corner, but Bryan then once again attacks the ankle. Bryan then begins hitting some ground and pound, as he begins to take control of the encounter. Bryan sends him to the apron, but the champion aims for a Buckshot Lariat only to be knocked to the floor. Bryan looks to dive out but as he turns he eats a boot to the face. Page then launches himself over the top rope, taking out Danielson on the floor.

Back inside the ring, Hangman leaps in from the top rope but he gets caught in mid-air with a strike to the chest. Danielson then hangs up his opponent on the second rope and dives down driving his knee into the back of his head, which gets a two-count. He follows that with a sharp kick to the ribs. Hangman drops Bryan onto his back and then follows it up with elbow strikes in the corner.

Bryan picks up the pace and hits the ropes hoping for a crossbody, but the champion catches him and follows it with a fallaway slam. Page then drops Bryan on the top rope and springboards into the lariat, sending Bryan outside the ring, but he follows it up with a tope suicida. Page isn’t done with the high-risk moves though, as he hits a moonsault from the top turnbuckle from the outside.

However, back in the ring, Bryan almost catches the champion out with a roll-up. Page kicks out and responds with a Death Valley Driver and this time it is Bryan kicking out at the last second. Hangman then sets Danielson to the rope but he slips underneath Page and then starts hitting elbow strikes to the back of the head. But Hangman hits one back of his own, but he then crashes and burns with his moonsault press attempt.

Danielson looks for a quick roll-up, but Page kicks out. Hangman then goes for one of his own but Bryan almost locks in the Lebell Lock, only for Page to get out of it with a pinfall attempt. Danielson kicks out and once again goes to the ankle, which forces the champion to fight out of it. Danielson hits several running dropkicks in the corner, but on the third attempt, Page counters with a Pop-Up Powerbomb which gets a near fall again!

Page looks for the Buckshot, but Danielson rolls out of the ring. Hangman hits a sliding kick and then looks for another moonsault, but Bryan pushes him and he flips and lands on the ring apron. Danielson continues the attack by slamming him into the ring post several times while Bryan pulls at the arms, which busts the champion open! The referee and doctor check on Page while Bryan hits his jumping jacks and swears at the fans.

With Hangman trying to get into the ring, Danielson nails another kick and he follows that with a flying knee to the outside. He then attacks the wound and wipes Hangman’s blood on his chest. Danielson sets Hangman on the ring apron and once again nails him with a knee to the head, which he follows by wrapping his arm around the ring post. Inside the ring, Danielson drives Page’s head into the second turnbuckle and then places it on the pad as he kicks it from underneath.

Bryan then goes for another knee strike, but Page catches him and looks for the Fallaway Slam again. However, Bryan doesn’t allow it and he hits a German Suplex and aims for the Cattle Mutilation, but the champion gets to the ropes. Danielson follows up with several big kicks, but then Page avoids it and he boots the ring post. Page then drives Bryan knee-first into the post and he exposes the steel guard rail. He traps Bryan’s leg between the bars and he then boots it.

When they get back into the ring, Adam Page sets in the Figure Four Leglock, but he is able to roll to the ropes. The champion wraps Bryan’s leg around the ring posts while the two men then go back and forth with punches inside the ring. Page connects with a Dragon screw on his opponent from the turnbuckle and he then hits another in the mat. Once again they go back and forth with shots and Danielson then tries a pinfall after reversing a powerbomb, but the champion kicks out.

Hangman tries to get out of it but he walks into a triangle choke only for Page to power him up and slams him down. However, Danielson immediately locks him back in, but the champion gets to the ropes. However, Hangman responds with a Tombstone Piledriver! But Danielson kicks out, this one continues as they get a well-earned, “this is awesome” chant.

Bryan gets set on the top turnbuckle but he avoids the superplex again and then hits another knee strike which Bryan follows up with a suplex as Page kicks out just in time. Once again they go to the top rope and both men crash down as Danielson goes for the pin, but doesn’t get it. He follows that up by hammering down elbow strikes. Danielson looks for the piledriver on the ring apron, but he responds with a Deadeye!

While Bryan recovers, Page leaps to the outside but Bryan sidesteps it and the champion crashes through the table, face-first! Danielson then exposes the floor and drops the champion down with a DDT. Back inside the ring Danielson heads to the top rope, flips the fans the bird, and connects with a diving headbutt!

However, the champion keeps fighting back, this time with a German Suplex to create some distance. Despite that, Bryan is up first and he starts firing his strikes but Page then responds by trying to hit a lariat, but his injured arm isn’t creating the desired impact. He attempts another but Bryan kicks the arm and then he follows that with another huge kick to the arm. Once again they go to the top turnbuckle as Danielson looks to send him flying.

But Page lands on his feet! The champion then launches in with a lariat, and this time it takes Bryan off his feet. The two men then trade forearm strikes, but the challenger then catches the champion with several headbutts. He looks for a German but Page reverses and then tries to hit another lariat, but Bryan nails a huge kick to the head instead.

Danielson then hits another big kick, but Page kicks out once again. Bryan then grabs Page’s arms and just starts stomping down on the head of Hangman as he starts to show some frustration. Danielson looks for his Running Knees but Page reverses with a Deadeye…and Bryan still kicks out!

Page then gives Bryan a taste of his own medicine as he stomps away on the American Dragon. The Champion looks for the Buckshot Lariat but Danielson reverses and puts the Lebell Lock in! Page fights out and launches Danielson over the top rope but he comes back in, only to be hit with the lariat. The champion then connects with his Buckshot Lariat, which takes Danielson down…but the bell rings.

Result: Time Limit Draw

– The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, and Bobby Fish are shown backstage. Cole questions when the Best Friends will learn to leave them alone after they left them laying last week on Rampage. Fish says every time they see them they end up dividing and conquering. The Young Bucks suggest an eight-man tag team match for Rampage and claim they will also end Sue’s career. Cole then teases a surprise for next week.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. Matt Sydal

Wardlow instantly showcases his power by pushing Matt Sydal across the ring. However, he responds with some sharp kicks as his speed avoids several of Wardlow’s moves. The bigger man then catches Sydal in mid-air and just plants him to the mat.

Wardlow then nails a big Powerbomb. Shawn Spears gets on the microphone and tells him to just pin Sydal. However, he opts to hit another, and this time he goes for the victory.

Winner: Wardlow

– After the match, Spears then attacks Sydal with a chair. MJF then calls Spears and he tells Wardlow that MJF wants him to get some champagne for after his match tonight.

– A vignette is shown about Malakai Black inside a home with the black around his eye spreading. He talks about the lessons that the house has taught him and he is shown spraying the black mist on someone. They throw up black blood as he then whispers, “now you’re so much more than a king.”

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida 

Before Hikaru Shida can even et into the ring, Serena Deeb attacks her. She launches her kendo stick at her and once they get in the ring both women immediately attack each other. Shida starts out on top with some strikes in the corner, hammering down blows before hitting a dropkick. Serena Deeb manages to take down her opponent though, working the knee until Shida grabs the ropes.

Deeb then continues to attack that area, locking in a Figure Four with the ring post assisting to add further pressure. Serena stays in control, raking the boot across the face as she then locks in another submission to the knee of Shida, continuing to make this area her focal point.

Shida gets back in control with a delayed vertical suplex, but as she heads to the top rope, Shida takes too much time. Deeb then pushes her down while locking in another knee submission before Hikaru falls to the mat. Deeb then exposes the steel turnbuckle and drops Shida, neck-first onto it before connecting with a powerbomb. This gets a near fall so she begins nailing knee strikes and then she locks in a bridged submission.

Deeb connects with multiple neck breakers, but as she goes for a third, Shida reverses with a Falcon Arrow. She follows that with an ax kick, but the women then both go for roll-ups until Serena locks in another submission to the knee.  Shida breaks out after several slaps, but Serena gives as good as she gets with that. Deeb then rips off the top turnbuckle, but it is Deeb who ends up going head-first into it. As she stumbles back, Shida gets the jackknife pinfall for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

– Tony Schiavone is with The Varsity Blondes and they point out that Julia Hart isn’t with them. Griff says he is going to fight Malakai, but Brian Pillman Jr. questions that and tells him to calm down. This leads to them arguing as Griff promises that next week, he will break Black’s jaw.

– Eddie Kingston says he is tired of this situation. He is teaming with Penta, Rey Fenix, Santana & Ortiz and he doesn’t care who Garcia and 2point0 pick as their partners.

MJF vs. Dante Martin (Dynamite Diamond Ring Match)

MJF demands his music gets cut as he says this place is a dump. He says the second CM Punk got nervous last week he just said your local sports team sucks for 10 minutes. He doesn’t realize how having an undefeated streak against underwhelming talent made him a title threat. MJF thought it made CM Punk the new Ryback. MJF tells Dante Martin he doesn’t give a damn about young talent and he will find that out now.

MJF kickstart the match with a side headlock takeover. Dante then slaps MJF several times before he hits a dropkick to build momentum. He then goes for a 450 knee drop, but MJF kicks out. He looks to continue that momentum, but MJF rolls to the outside and when Martin sets up to dive outside, he moves away again.

Back inside the ring, Martin looks to leap on the top rope, but he is pushed to the floor as he slams into the barricade. MJF follows that up by sending him crashing into the guard rail again. Back inside the ring, MJF bites at Martin’s thumb. He then tries to sneak a pinfall with his feet on the ropes, but it gets noticed by the official.

Martin then smartly avoids MJF with a clever leap and he immediately dives to the outside to take him out. Dante continues that aerial attack by launching himself over the top turnbuckle to MJF. He tries to roll to the outside again but this time Martin launches himself backward to hit him. MJF then looks to go outside for the fourth time and Martin hits a Shooting Star Press from the top rope.

Martin looks for the Nose Dive but MF stumbles away, only for the upcoming star to nail several strikes on him in the corner. Dante looks for several roll-up pinfalls, but MJF continues to kick out. MJF finally gets in some offense of his own though with a Liger Bomb, but it doesn’t get him the victory.

Martin finally connects with the Nose Dive, but as he gets things done, Ricky Starks appears and puts MJF’s foot on the rope! After Dante is distracted, MJF locks in the Salt Of The Earth to gain a submission victory.

Winner: MJF 

– FTR then makes their way down and they celebrate with MJF…but then the lights go out! When they appear, String and Darby Allin are inside of the ring and they begin brawling with FTR. However, MJF hits a low blow on Sting and the heels take over…and then CM Punk appears with the bat. All three men instantly get out of the ring.

Punk gets on the microphone and tells MJF if he doesn’t want to do it one on one, then he can bring his friends because he is going to bring his own and MJF can deal with it.

counter AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results

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