ADL redefines “racism” in a ridiculous way

What is racism? According to most people, that would be discrimination or disliking some form or other that is preceded by the race of the party being discriminated against or disliked. Or, as Websters puts it, “the belief that race is the fundamental determinant of human traits and abilities and that racial differences confer the inherent superiority of a particular race.

Either of those definitions is probably accurate enough, even if they contain minor flaws, to make sense of what racism means. It’s not hard on a concept; The name tell everythings.

Unfortunately, the more leftists talk about racism, the less they seem to understand what it really means. Although they demand that children who can’t read or write learn how terrible racism is, the left can’t seem to come up with a satisfactory (to them) definition of it. , mainly because they unreasonably believe that minorities cannot be racist.

Well, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has come up with its own redefinition of racism, a definition that only makes sense in the context of a) anti-white, anti-Western prejudice of leftists and b) their irrational belief that minorities can’t be racist. Here’s the ADL’s new definition of racism:

Racism: The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color is based on racial hierarchies built into privileged white societies.

The ADL’s definition of “systemic racism” is similarly absurd:

Systematic racism: Combination of systems, institutions and factors advantages of whites and people of color, causing widespread harm and disadvantages in access and opportunity. A person or even a group of people did not create systemic racism, rather: (1) based on the history of our laws and institutions, which were created on the basis of white supremacy; * (2) exist in institutions and policies that are to the advantage of whites and to the disadvantage of people of color; and (3) take place in interpersonal communication and behavior (eg, defamation, bullying, offensive language) that perpetuate and support systemic inequities and systemic racism system.

So, based on that definition, it’s not racism towards Zulus in South Africa or Mugabe’s accomplices in Zimbabwe but it’s aimed at white farmers who were tortured and killed in some horrible, barbaric way The most horrible thing known to man, nor was it racist for that car in Wakeusha to run down dozens of white people.

Because those incidents resulted in “people of color” defrauding/oppressing whites, and not vice versa, they are not examples of racism.

However, it would probably be racist if a poor man like a white coal miner in Appalachia entered college on the basis of his hard work and a homeless tramp in Detroit did not.

The redefinition is completely absurd, as was quickly pointed out on Twitter:


However, while the redefinition is absurd and adds to the anti-white racism (which, incidentally, would probably severely affect the Jews the ADL is supposed to protect), it does not. what’s new. As Townhall pointed out, The definition of racist page was last updated in July 2020. It’s just that we’re finally learning about it.

Whether a person is racist does not depend on whether the person is white or black. It depends on whether one person treats others differently on the basis of race.

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James Brien

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