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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 7 “Art teacher.” When the school’s art teacher retires, Janine is overjoyed when her surrogate becomes her best friend from college, but things quickly turn sour when Sahar gets in the way of Melissa’s class tradition. Meanwhile, Jacob and Barbara cement their love of gardening and decide to open a school garden; But when they don’t know how to successfully develop anything, Gregory secretly joins in to correct all their mistakes. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 6, Janine convinces Ava to start a gifted program at Abbott led by Jacob; Barbara pushed Melissa hesitantly to start dating again. At the beginning of the episode, Janine is trying to teach her student Sydnee math using potatoes, but her talented student Marie keeps interrupting her because she has finished all her work. .

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Above Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 7Janine’s old friend from college is hired to teach art, while Jacob and Barbara are excited about the idea of ​​a school garden.

When art teacher Cathy retires, Ava, Barbara, and Melissa realize they don’t know her name. Janine brings her a cake and Bermuda shorts (since her favorite vacation spot is Bermuda), and although Cathy thanks her, she quietly asks Ava and Barbara who’s behind her back that.

Janine is delighted that her best friend from college and local Philly artist Sahar will be joining Abbott Elementary as the new art teacher. Sahar is laid-back, kind, and art-loving, and Ava asks her how such a wonderful person could be friends with Janine.

Jacob chats with Barbara about the unhealthy lunch served to students in the lunchroom. There are not any vegetables in any of the meals, and the school district does not have the funds for a healthier lunch program. Enthusiastic, Jacob suggests they start a school garden to grow their own vegetables, but Barbara tells him that something similar won’t work at Abbott.

Realizing that Barbara also enjoys gardening, Jacob convinces her that they will spend some time each day gardening, and she reluctantly agrees to try starting gardening with him. In their little green patch, Barbara and Jacob bond with Bossanova and Sydney Pointer.

When Gregory stopped by the garden, Jacob asked him if he wanted to join but he said there were no green thumbs. In fact, Gregory hates gardening because his grandfather and father run the landscaping business. He hesitantly offered some watering suggestions before returning to his classroom.

In the break room, Melissa and Janine introduced the idea of ​​the Peter Rabbitt art project to both middle school classes to Sahar. Melissa bought new Peter Rabbitt books to use this year, and she’s been working on the project in her classroom for 20 years.

Sahar didn’t think Peter Rabbitt was good enough for the kids and told Janine that they would delve into the themes of farming and capitalism hidden in the book. Janine asks Sahar to wait before she talks to Melissa about it, and it’s clear that her move with Sahar is far from perfect.

Later while teaching, Janine heard Melissa and Sahar arguing in the hallway and discovered that Sahar went ahead and told Melissa about her project idea without waiting for Janine as she said. Melissa is naturally quite angry and tells Sahar to watch her back while claiming Janine needs to get her girl together.

Janine apologizes to Sahar and reminds her that she asked her to wait before talking to Melissa. Sahar tells Janine that they think differently from other teachers and that she will continue with the installation even though Melissa tells her no. Naively, she accused Janine of being part of the system. Janine gets fired and agrees to hit Melissa with Sahar.

Gregory (secretly) works in Barbara and Jacob’s garden, while they try to convince Devin to use the vegetables they will be growing in their garden for the students’ lunches. Devin informed them that the kitchen staff didn’t have time to prepare more vegetables, and Barbara withdrew from the gardening project after telling Jacob she had “engaged a Janine” by participating in a project. projects she knows won’t work in public schools.

Jacob didn’t want to give up, and he didn’t want to return to the garden without Barbara. He showed Barbara a few pans of grilled zucchini that he had prepared for the kids overnight, and she was truly impressed.

When Janine and Sahar went to Ava to maneuver around Melissa, Ava ignored Janine but was charmed by Sahar’s cold personality and agreed to let them use the library when she asked. At the project’s launch, Melissa was blown away by the paper plate bunnies and the bunny family art project Sahar put together.

Everything was perfect until Melissa realized that Sahar’s art installation was made of brand new Peter Rabbitt books that she had bought with her own money for school. Sahar doesn’t understand why Melissa is so angry, and Janine eventually realizes that Sahar doesn’t know what it means to be a teacher, especially not at a needy school.

Sahar gives another innocent speech about how she thinks Janine is a common-sense person before insulting her sweater. Janine kicks Sahar out of Abbott, and Melissa tells her she’s proud of her and that she owes more than 20 copies of Peter Rabbitt before next year.

Barbara and Jacob bring freshly baked and prepared Zucchini for Devin in the lunchroom, which he quickly throws in the trash because it’s a health violation. In the library, Janine organizes a bougie art show with Sahar’s art project to raise money to replace all of Peter Rabbitt’s books.

Finally, Jacob shows Barbara the fully planted garden before they head back to the classroom while Gregory sneaks gardening equipment into his car after rescuing all of their plants.

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Air date: February 8, 2022

Abbott Elementary Actor

  • Quinta Brunson like Janine Teagues
  • Tyler James Williams like Gregory Eddie
  • Janelle James like Ava Coleman
  • Chris Perfetti like Jacob Hill
  • Lisa Ann Walter like Melissa Schemmenti
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph like Barbara Howard

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Abbott Elementary Part 1 Volume Guide

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8 8 “Work Family” February 15, 2022
8 7 “Art Teacher” February 8, 2022
8 6 Gifted Program February 1, 2022
8 5 “Student Transfer” January 25, 2022
8 4 “New Technology” January 18, 2022
8 3 “Wish list” January 11, 2022
8 2 “Light bulb” January 4, 2022
8 first Premiere of Part 1 of Abbott Elementary “Pilot” December 7, 2021

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