Aaron Michael discusses thinking outside the box on Project Runway

Into his final Project runway Episode 19, Aaron Michael made a simple yet profound statement in summarizing fashion reality show experience. While he claims that’s not the true story, he seems proud that he has succeeded in being himself. As that uniqueness continues to manifest in his own fashion brand, it seems more people will want a piece of that design aesthetic.

Look at Project runway Season 19 designer Aaron Michael seems to have purpose not only with every look but with the way he handles himself in the Bravo fashion contest. While he may have had a few tense moments along the way, he seems poised to approach this journey with purpose.

Even with his final look, Aaron accepted the situation rather than fallow left and right, which is quite new for a reality competition show. That sense of responsibility is loved by many audiences.

When asked about that final look, Aaron was blunt and humorous. Aaron said, I always say, “If I’m stupid, I’ll be stupid” …… We are all human. Mistake happened. It’s okay. It’s okay to have flaws and imperfections. I’m not now and never have been Mary Poppins – I mean, she’s really perfect in every way… .. isn’t she? I think once you can take ownership of your mess, you’ll quickly learn how to clean it up if it happens again. Does it make me a better designer? Yes, because to be a good designer you need to know your limits and realize that life is not always a PL Travers novel. ”

While those witty comments can make you a little self-conscious, Aaron found positive aspects in the experience. Looking at all of his episodes, his design is more at the top than the bottom. Although the label of “victory” may have escaped him, the ability to set himself apart from the likeness should be celebrated.

At the same time, Aaron admits, it’s “frustrating” to always be “the bridesmaid but never the bride.” Still, he says, “I feel as though I won when I was able to compete in 11 challenges – I mean I learned to cut a pattern on my friends basement floor 20 years ago… … Now I have Project runway……. It was a big win. Brandi Sherwood – Miss USA (1990-something) said “It is not who gets to the top the fastest, but who learns the most about themselves along the way” …… .. I have learned a lot, not only about time. page, but also importantly about myself. ”

Looking at the competition as a whole, Aaron not only learned something about himself, but also displayed a huge range. From top avante garde looks to pieces any woman would love to have in her wardrobe, that range has and will serve him well.

When asked about his flexibility, Aaron’s answer was perfect. He said, “I’ve spent most of my life as a client. If you say create something that gives you a 1920s feel, I can do it. You say make 16 fur monkeys …… .Done… .. I think it’s a big plus to be fluent in a multitude of materials and styles. I think they wanted a signature moment, but honestly… .. If you’ve ever seen me sign my name it’s always been different, but the feeling is there. When you order my garments while they may not give you a signature look, I hope they give you a sense of character, and that’s amazing.”

In many ways, that sense of identity is what makes Aaron and his designs connect with the person who wears it. While onlookers feel great, they know that the look is made to perfection.

As seen in all Project runway Season 19 challenge, Aaron’s technical ability makes him stand out in the office. Appreciating that affirmation of his technical skills, Aaron gave some insight into why his technical skills shine.

Aaron says, “I think learning the hard way usually makes you learn more deeply. I also think when you’re a 19 year old drag queen, The Dollar Tree looks really good in terms of material. One of the Executive Producers told me of all the seasons she’s completed, I’m the most fun to watch. I don’t understand the meaning. Then, when I sat there with a tablecloth and parchment as a feather robe, I understood it. Who looks at paper and plastic will think “feather cape”……Think outside the box! ”

While Aaron can see a look even with uncertainties on his desk, some have questioned whether a look or two leans towards the costume space. This debate has long been a topic of Project runway. The line between runway and costume is often blurred.

When asked about the solid bridge between the costume and the runway, Aaron shared: “When you watch Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn, is it ‘too costumed’? I do not think so. Givenchy created that iconic dress, but it’s still considered an outfit. I don’t want to pull a Devil wears Prada tirade… ..but think of fashion and apparel as the iconic “Cerulean” explosion. “

Although many of his designs have Project runway For fans watching for a second or third time about the intricacies of the design, choosing a favorite was no easy task for Aaron.

But, when prompted, Aaron chose his favorite look at the Real Housewives challenge and his look for Gizelle. “I love her! Honestly, she’s the client everyone dreams of. She’s kind, open-minded and honestly… .. GREAT. I’ve been working with her since. while filming, and I’m grateful, in that challenge, I made friends and made a very happy client.”

While that may be his preference, Aaron has several other looks that he looks back fondly on. For example, “Episode 3 – Halloween – Love the look, but I’ve stopped thinking about it…… It would be adorable… The only thing I’m missing is the kitchen sink. I should have just gotten the cloth from home and gone to town. I’m sure you were expecting the final look I did, but …… as of today 60 plus everyone has been messing about the jacket …… .. I think we’re fine with that jacket. . ”

How much for? Project runway As fans responded to Aaron and his designs, the future looks pretty bright. Here’s what has happened to Aaron since his playing time ended.

“I came home from the show and had to work. I have a cord that is all organic cotton, cashmere and angora. It’s pretty awesome. The Cardigan “Coop” which was originally an Angora/Cashmere mix is ​​now in stock having been replenished a few times. So instead of focusing on “Section”, I’ll do what I love. Luxe’s ​​beautiful knives in Autumn/Winter and wonderful flowing silks in Spring/Summer. I also have the Bridal, Festival, Social Occasion line coming out, and for me, it’s my favorite line. These works don’t need a season, they just need a reason… .. Get ready for some amazing looks, plus if you want something “Unique” …… .just need send me a message. ”

For anyone looking to add a bit of ‘stylish’ to their wardrobe, Aaron Michael awaits them.

Project runway Season 19 can be watched on Bravo, Thursday nights at 9pm and can be streamed on Peacock.

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