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Mining has taken many forms in Story of Seasons games, from simple hubs within Safari Zone areas in Story of Seasons 3DS to the elaborate mines introduced in Pioneers of Olive Town. However, in the first part, A Wonderful Life revives a particularly peculiar type of digging – the archaeological dig site.

There are no normal ores or precious metals hidden in this mine for crafting. Instead, players use it to farm archaeological finds that can be sold to Van twice per season, and to search for the stone tablets that Carter and Flora are looking for.

**This guide is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as we gather more information**

Below is a rundown of all the items found at the dig site in A Wonderful Life, how much they’re worth, when they unlock, and how the mines can be expanded in each new chapter.

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What days does the mine open in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Players can enter the Dig Site mining location daily except the 3rd and 8th of each season. That’s because the mines will be closed when Van settles in town. Thankfully, this ensures players can get their deals done with Van and not miss out on valuable digging time.

How to expand the Dig Site Mines in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A wonderful dig site for Life Carter
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In order to expand the dig site in each new chapter of A Wonderful Life, players must do so Find the stone tablets hidden in the dirt. Luckily, digging these up doesn’t take long if you visit the dig site frequently. I found them within a few days of spring in each chapter.

Below are all the sizes of the dig sites and the plaques needed to expand in A Wonderful Life.

extension number of tiles Stone tablet in archaeological sites Chapter and date found
Base dig site x12 tiles stone tablet C beginnings, Y1 spring 6
extension 1 x24 tiles Stone Tablet D Junction, Y2 Spring 4
extension 2 x48 tiles stone tablet E Blessings, Y3 Spring 5
Extension 3 Still open Still open Still open
extension 4 Still open Still open Still open

All mine artifacts and stats in SoS: A Wonderful Life Dig Sites

A Wonderful Life Dig Site Extension 1
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While finding the stone tablets is a quick process, the true purpose of the daily digging with Carter and Flora is to obtain the artifacts that randomly appear in the stone tablets. These valuables are key to earning money early in the game, and allow you to store your early-game crops for crafting Hybrid Seeds in Chapter 2.

Below are the items you can find in each expansion at the dig site. It’s important to remember that the items are from previous expansions are still available in each subsequent expansionas well as the new items that are unlocked as the dig site grows.

Article need for expansion Value
clay figure Base dig site 60G
old coin Base dig site 40G
moonlight ore Base dig site 100 G
leaf fossil Base dig site 50g
Golden Fork Base dig site 1,000G
fish fossil extension 1 40G
Sugarstar Ore extension 1 200 G
clay horse extension 1 100 G
silver coin extension 1 80G
Golden Comb extension 1 1,500G
clam fossil extension 2 60G
Magatama Stone extension 2 200 G
golden fish extension 2 2000G
Hexagonal Ore extension 2 400g

How to sell artifacts in SoS: A Wonderful Life

All artifacts that players find at the dig site in A Wonderful Life can be sold at Van’s store twice per season. It is important to note that they cannot be placed in the shipping basket. Still, it’s worth going there every day the mines are open and stocking up on the workshop days for good profits.

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