8 things you can try to reduce back pain

Is your daily life getting hampered by stubborn back pain? Back pains are a common issue in adults in the whole world. The spine and muscle at the back support most of our upper body weight. We use these muscles every day for activities like sitting, walking, lifting something, etc.

Accidents, trauma, or stress can cause back pain. But more often, poor posture or doing any other regular activity in the wrong way cause it. You can take some easy steps to prevent and reduce the pain. OTC products like ibuprofen help but only for a few days. You can also try herbal remedies like premium Kratom capsules.

We have made a list of some home remedies for back pain you can try to reduce the pain and prevent it in the future.

#1 Move your muscles, exercise:

Moving is natural for muscles. You might hate the idea of exercising if you have back pain. But it helps reduce the pain. If you want to avoid going to the gym, try light exercises. Running, yoga, a short walk, and swimming can help alleviate back pains. Exercise helps stretch the tense muscles and releases endorphins.

Endorphins work as a natural analgesic for your body. Exercise also helps keep the muscles flexible and strong. It keeps your body weight in check. Being overweight, especially in the stomach area, will put an added strain on the muscles.

#2 Drink anti-inflammatory beverage every day:

Anti-inflammatory drinks contain antioxidants. They might help eliminate back pain with regular use. Regularly drinking them not only reduces inflammations but also develops anti-cancer agents. Here are some recipes you can try,

  • Turmeric milk:

Turmeric is an age-old spice native to Southeast Asia with anti-inflammatory properties, anti-arthritis properties, and rich in antioxidants. Mix half a teaspoon turmeric with a glass of milk. You can add some honey for sweetness. Now, drink it before bedtime. It will allow the drink to work its magic overnight. If dairy products do not suit you well, you can replace them with soy milk or almond milk.

  • Ginger green tea:

The benefit of green tea and ginger tea in the same cup is beneficial for your health. They are both herbal ingredients with pain-relieving properties. Let it sit in a cup of hot water for a few minutes, and add some honey. Enjoy! You can easily find ginger green tea bags in your nearest shopping center.

#3 Try Kratom:

If you believe in organic solutions more than OTC products, you can try Kratom. It is a botanical with potent analgesic properties. It can effectively reduce chronic pains like arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, cancer, and chemo-related pain.

It works with the help of opiate receptors and blocks the pain signals from reaching the pain. The drug is a temporary solution. You have to treat the root of your problem to eliminate it permanently.

The drug also has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe aches. You can use Kratom gummies or capsules to eat, brew a tea with the herb, or use the powder. The drug might possess the risk of addiction, so go easy on the dosage and resist long-term use.

#4 Sleep peacefully:

A night of restorative sleep will reduce the soreness in your back. You will feel more refreshed, less stressed, and rejuvenated after the rest. Even though you are in pain, lying in bed all day will only increase the problem. So, try to refrain from lying down all day. You can try sleeping sideways.

Sleeping flat on your back will put direct pressure on your back. If you want to sleep on your stomach, try to put a pillow on your lower abdomen for support. The quality of the mattress is crucial for a night of proper sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can take natural supplements like Melatonin, Valerian, L-theanine, cherry juice, Vitamin C, and B3.

#5 maintain your posture:

Working constantly for seven to eight hours in front of a desktop or a laptop can invite back pain. So, check your postures while you are sitting for this long. Try to take a breather and walk a little every one or two hours.

You can also try switching between your activities to change postures. If you are sitting for long, do something that you can do while standing. You can consider a standing desk. Try to avoid slouching over your phone for too long. You might consider buying a comfortable chair with proper lumbar support if you work from home.

#6 Stretch your joints:

Stretching is a productive way to loosen the muscles and alleviate back pain. Doing yoga or some simple stretches in the morning will reduce stiffness and stress. Start slowly and advance if you are comfortable. But try not to quit the habit. You can add it to the everyday routine. Some effective stretches you can try for back pain are cobra pose, touching the toes, Cat-cow pose and child’s pose are also effective for it.

#7 Heat and cold:

After an injury, many use an ice pack to help reduce inflammation and pain. It gives you a numbing feeling. You can take some ice cubes wrapped in a towel to apply to the infected area. Frozen peas packets are also a good idea. Try not to keep it in the same place for more than 20 minutes. Hot packs also help reduce the soreness. You can use a hot water bag or a hot towel on the achy muscles. Hot tubs and cold baths are well-known for destressing and relaxing your body.

#8 Reduce stress:

Stress can do more damage to your health than you might realize. Stress build-up can tighten and tense your muscles which can turn into pain. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness help reduce stress and boost your mood. You can also try reading, listening to music, dancing, painting, or crafting to take your mind off. You can also consider taking massages from time to time.

Most back pains are not severe; it is a lifestyle issue. You can use pain-relieving gels or arnica for relief. Unhealthy eating habits can cause stress so try to eat healthily. Try to quit smoking; it can worsen your condition.

Huynh Nguyen

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