5 Ways To Make Money As A Basketball Fan

Basketball is one of the popular sports that’s been in play since time immemorial. You’d expect the game’s fame to have died over the years, but that isn’t the case. With the game’s popularity, some people have loved the sport passionately, better known as fans.  

You’ll find basketball fans worldwide who passionately follow all games. Are you one of these basketball fans? Did you know you can turn your basketball passion into something income-generating? How? This post gives tips on how to make money as a basketball fan. Follow through with the read for the insight. 

Consider doing the following:

  1. Becoming A Professional Gamer

A gamer plays video and other online games, often for prolonged periods. You’ll find others who game all day or most of their day. If you love gaming, consider playing virtual basketball professionally.  

You’ll play against other basketball fan gurus for a monetary prize. Since such games are often competitive, the prize is often high. In the end, you’ll earn money through the wins. You can use various online football gaming platforms like Sorare NBA for these needs.

  1. Starting A Basketball Blog

Today, blogging has become quite popular, where those who love writing create blogs on topics and industries they like. You’ll find blogs about food, travel, lifestyle, and fashion. In this case, proceed to open a basketball blog.

Your blog will provide insight into this game. This information can be on the best practices about the game, how to buy basketball game tickets, where to buy merchandise, and others.

With your blog adding value to the guests on your blogs, you’ll become recognized in the industry over time. However, it all depends on the quality of the blogs and your consistency. Once you get recognition, you’ll likely get contracts with brands through affiliate marketing and other techniques. You’ll mention their products and brands in your blogs, driving traffic to their websites. In return, they’ll pay, and you’ll make money.

  1. Opening A Vlogging Channel

The web has become one of the most common digital channels in use. It’s said that several million people visit the site daily. As a basketball fan, you can use the platform to make money. 

Consider opening a vlogging channel where you talk about the basketball game. Some of the content you can add on your channel are commentaries on live games or analyses of previous games. Such content will attract other fans to your channel, driving traffic. 

High channel traffic will increase views and subscriptions. The more views, the more money you’ll make.

  1. Selling Merchandise

One thing about basketball fans is that they love everything about their favorite teams and leagues. They want to have items that remind them about their best teams, as well as a way of showing their support to a given team.

As one of the fans, you can make money selling merchandise of different basketball games. These can be jerseys, jackets, hoodies, customized mugs, and keyholders. However, as you do this, be wary of dead stock, where you might invest in merchandise and end up not selling them.

To avoid this, consider getting merchandise for major upcoming NBA games. Be sure to have a variety to get many clients. With this approach, setting up a physical shop might not be economical. Thanks to digitization, you can set up an online business that doesn’t require payments like rent. Some platforms can allow you to sell on their pages, making it easier for you.

  1. Betting

Game betting is a common practice adopted by most of the population. Yet it’s often shied upon since it leads to losses if you do it irresponsibly. Should you bet responsibly, expect to make money from the practice.

There are many ways to bet on basketball games, one being money-line betting. You’ll bet one team over the other or the difference in points between the teams. 

Being a basketball fan, you likely know the game’s mechanics. This insight enables you to analyze the game and place bets accordingly. If your predictions are correct, you’ll earn money.

Be wary of scams; some betting sites might fail to pay on your winning predictions or meet their end of the bargain.


Watching your favorite NBA team can be one of the most thrilling moments as a fan. There’s a lot of adrenaline that comes about as you do this. You can add to these feelings by getting money through these games. The discussion above has shown different ways to make money as a basketball fan. Consider choosing your preferred technique like selling sports-related merchandise; you’ll make money from one of your hobbies, which is a plus.

Huynh Nguyen

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