5 PlayStation franchises that should be considered Hollywood movies

PlayStation has achieved great success with Not detected yet in the box office, so it only makes sense that more of the company’s video game assets will make it to the silver screen. From thrilling adventures like Horizon Zero Dawn to the harsh gothic world of Bloodborne, there’s a lot that PlayStation can introduce to audiences unfamiliar with the game.


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When From Software initially released Bloodborne, players were intrigued by Yharnam’s dark gothic atmosphere. It moves players with hideous beasts, tall and scary buildings, and an overall vibe of evil. It’s the perfect setting for an action-thriller, but what makes it unique would be the near-silent visual storytelling. Yharnam’s vibrant, compelling scenes of strange monsters add to an action-packed, sensational, and potent action movie. It would be perfect for a Halloween release.

Ghost of Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima would be a suitable game for a movie adaptation as it draws inspiration from the classic samurai movies that many people know and love. With the emotionally compelling story of Jin Sakai choosing between the more assassin-like Ghost path or the honorable Samurai path, the protagonist’s inner conflict can make for some dramatic scenes. interesting.

Alternatively, the action could have a direct, thrilling connection to the in-game moves as Jin slashes down warriors from the Mongol empire. The Japanese landscape has the potential to create visual interest on screen. The colors of the cherry blossom leaves falling to the ground, the tranquil shots overlooking the peaceful stream, and the stunning, dramatic scenery will draw us into the Japanese countryside. Thankfully, a movie is being planned by Sony Pictures with John Wick Directed by Chad Stahelski. “We love working with creative partners like Chad, who have a passion for our games, ensuring we can create rich adaptations that will excite fans and audiences alike. our new,” PlayStation Productions head Asad Qizilbash told Deadline.

God of War

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Great dramatic tension would be at the core of a God of War movie. The relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus is one of infatuation, as the monstrous hero learns how to be a father. It will also be a compelling coming-of-age story for Atreus.

The movie can also be an epic spectacle, depending on who leads it. As Kratos and Atreus go through their emotional journey, there will be epic battles between the gods and monsters of the Norse world. Kratos slashing his foes with the Leviathan Ax will be an awe-inspiring contrast between the personal story of fatherhood and the massive action sequences we’ve come to expect in a blockbuster.

On the other hand, the action scenes of the film can make the viewer restless. Add the powerful soundtrack of Bear McCreery, along with several other original songs to the film, and you have the power to create a hugely successful movie.

Gravity Rush

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The underrated PlayStation classic Gravity Rush could turn out to be a thrilling family movie. Hovering between the clouds, Hekseville is a bustling city with incredible jazz music and Paris-like buildings that look stunning, even on PlayStation Vita. Kat is also a charming character that can appeal to children and adults alike as she flies through the sky with her attractive powers.

The story isn’t as impactful as the others on this list, but you can certainly turn it into a great comedic adventure. Whether it’s animated or live-action, Gravity Rush will be a lovely adaptation to watch on the big screen as it pops with color and character.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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Final, Horizon Forbidden West’s critical success hopes to bring the movie Horizon Zero Dawn. With its unique landscapes and gripping sci-fi mystery, the Movie’s environmental message could hit a wider audience.

Witnessing Aloy topple the giant machines around him will thrill viewers in the theater. For example, she can use Ropecaster to take down Skydrifters from the air with an interesting slow motion shot. Additionally, Aloy’s venturing inside the inner mechanical workings of a cauldron provides a unique setting for the film, when compared to other sci-fi films.

The The movie Uncharted is a thrilling ride, so we expect these five PlayStation franchises to hit theaters. Watching Horizon’s machines come to life will be a magical experience, while the God of War TV series will make us cry in public.

These games should be treated with respect, such as Not detected yet movies, to work. If they cast the right actors, write an emotionally compelling script, and are taken seriously by Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions could be a huge hit.

https://www.gamepur.com/features/5-playstation-franchises-that-should-get-the-hollywood-movie-treatment 5 PlayStation franchises that should be considered Hollywood movies

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