4 ways the Wheel of Time improved books (and 4 ways it failed them)

Late last year, Amazon Prime Video finally answered the call of fantasy fans everywhere and began an adaptation of Robert Jordan. Wheel of time books for TV. The first part almost covers the first book in the series, The eye of the world. But there are 13 episodes left (14 if prequels are counted) so the series could run for a while.

The first season had its ups and downs, although personally I liked it overall and was looking forward to more. However, many fans were not satisfied with the changes the show made to the source material, and there were many of them. Some things I thought were inevitable – for example, I’m not too upset that the show skipped the part in Caemlyn, as building on yet another massive series would be an undue burden on a series. new and they still get most of the plot points from there – but the others leave me scratching my head.

And there are others that I think have worked really well! So in this article, I want to outline what changes I think are great to the TV show, as well as which ones don’t work as planned. Let’s start with something positive:

Wheel of time

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Improve: Lan and Nynaeve’s relationship makes more sense

Robert Jordan has many gifts as a writer: dense world-building, meticulous planning, impressive patience… but one of the things he is less good at is writing romance stories. convince.

To put it witty, in The eye of the world, Lan and Nynaeve got off to a rough start as the resourceful Nynaeve tracked down Lan and Moiraine after they left Emond’s Field with Rand, Perrin, Mat, and Egwene. There’s a bit of animosity between the pair, but I don’t notice much more than that.

Then towards the end of the book, they suddenly declare their feelings for each other, and I think I may have missed a few chapters. Where did you work? that from? I don’t know if Jordan thought he’s building romantic tension, but it’s not working for me at all.

The show does a much better job of building relationships between these characters and interpersonal relationships in general. On the show, Lan and Nynaeve got to know each other a bit during the incident with Logain in “The Dragon Reborn,” and by the time they reached Fal Dara at the end of the season, I was ready for them to meet.

Wheel of time

Fail: Perrin kills his wife

One of the initial controversies surrounding the show came right in the first episode: Perrin Aybara, one of the main characters, has a wife named Laila, a blacksmith like himself. Of course, this is a big difference from the books, where Perrin was unaccompanied before he left Emond’s Field. And then, in the pilot’s climax, Perrin accidentally killing Laila in the heat of a Trolloc attack.

Immediately, this choice is… strange. Like… why would you make such a drastic change to a main character in the first place? Showrunner Rafe Judkins explain that it was done so audiences could get an idea of ​​what Perrin would go through earlier in the series:

For this extremely introspective character – you’ll literally never hear his inner monologue out loud in the book – we give him a little time at the beginning of the series for you to understand why. Why does he, throughout the series, struggle with violence?

And that’s okay, it’s true that Perrin is a very introspective character who isn’t allowed to speak his mind, which can be a problem for screen adaptations where we don’t have access to our thoughts. his. And whenever someone on the show mentions death and they cut him in the face, I do know what he’s thinking even when he doesn’t say anything.

So I understand what they’re trying to do, but there Yes is a more elegant way to get inside Perrin’s mind than creating an entirely new and instant character refrigerator hers. It changes something fundamental about the character right at the beginning of the story and peddlers in a hoax in which a girl is killed to inspire a boy’s personality growth. I’m not sure what, if any, they should do instead, but I know they need to think about it more.

https://winteriscoming.net/2022/01/23/4-ways-the-wheel-of-time-improved-books-robert-jordan-failed/ 4 ways the Wheel of Time improved books (and 4 ways it failed them)

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