4 Questions to Ask Your Software Quality Assurance Partners

Embarking on a software development project can be quite a perplexing journey, with numerous uncertainties lying ahead. One of the most unspoken questions you shall be facing along the way is, “Which software testing service company is the perfect match for my project?” Well, fear not! Speaking from our experiences, the following set of four questions shall guide you in finding your ideal software company to join forces with. Keep in mind, these only serve as guidance and references. Please don’t limit yourself to just these four! There’s plenty of possibilities out there, so do exploring if you have the time to.

How do we know for sure that you have a thorough understanding of our project’s requirements?

To fully comprehend a customer’s requirements, a software company must establish a close relationship with the client. By asking a myriad of questions and learning about the client’s objectives, the software company gains valuable insights into the project’s scope and intricacies. Additionally, reviewing the client’s past projects can offer essential context and aid in understanding their preferences.

The process of understanding requirements begins with sketches and ideas, allowing the client to clarify their expectations. As the collaboration progresses, the software developer may develop functional click-through prototypes, further refining the product. This comprehensive approach ensures that the software company can deliver a solution that aligns precisely with the client’s vision and meets their needs effectively.

Will You Have Access to Local Software Engineers?

Some software development companies operate with a sales team in the US while their developers are based in distant regions like Asia or Europe. This setup presents significant challenges, including varying time zones, working ethics and language barriers that hinder effective communication.

As a client, having direct communication with the software engineers building your platform is important for efficiency. When developers and clients speak the same language, it streamlines the process much faster and reduces the risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications. Working with a software company that houses its entire team under one roof means seamless communication from onboarding to delivering the final product, be it a website or mobile app.

What Libraries Will Be Used? Are There Associated Licensing Fees?

Developers often leverage in-house or third-party platforms to save time and cut costs while building software systems. While this seems to be beneficial, it is clearly showing uncertainty alerted signs.

Check carefully whether or not the software’s foundation relies on platforms with recurring subscription fees. You want the certainty that the platform remains in the future, especially after the software development hand-over process is over. Opt for software companies using popular frameworks or libraries, and clarify if you’ll have access to the entire source code.

Having access to the source code is a must in case you need to make changes, fixes, or enhancements to the software system you’ve invested in. This ensures you’re not tied to the original developer for future modifications.

Will You Provide a Fully Automated Deployment System?

Automated deployment is the preferred choice over manual deployment, which introduces higher risks, with complexities in the process leading to discrepancies between development and production environments. Such discrepancies can be challenging and costly to resolve.

Manual deployment also creates dependencies on specific individuals or computers, making it less reliable and potentially causing delays when developers are unavailable.

On the other hand, automatic deployment enables uniformity across development, testing, and production environments. It supports continuous delivery, allowing quick rollouts of fixes. A fully automated deployment follows a scripted and repeatable process, with the ideal scenario being a software company that offers a one-click deployment solution.

These questions are just a starting point. We trust that they somewhat help draw you an outline on what you should seek for in a software testing company. Don’t solely rely on our suggestions; do your own research on the software development firms and you might find your perfect match. Starting a new project is an exciting adventure, and finding the right team to bring your ideas to life would double the fun. Good luck!

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