3 reasons why Spy x Family is the must-watch anime of the season

Spies and assassins are not a new concept when it comes to entertainment as there are many great shows and films that explore the fascinating and exciting life of espionage. However, what if this twist was a Mr. and Mrs. Smith comedy where the mission revolved around playing house? That’s exactly what you get with the anime Spy x Family.

If this idea has piqued your interest, then check out 3 reasons why Spy x Family is this season’s must-watch anime.

Exciting spy work

Spy X family spy action
Image Credit: Wit Studio & Crunchyroll

If you are familiar with the Cold War espionage between East and West Germany, you have the right idea of ​​what to expect in the anime. When you have two countries at war using all sorts of spy tricks to get the upper hand, you know there’s a great spy story to be had.

The time period for Spy x Family roughly fits into a Cold War era and has all the makings of top-notch espionage like disguises, gadgets, and being given orders by a code that needs to be deciphered. Loid (spy name Twilight) is the best spy out there, definitely the James Bond equivalent of this story as he uses all sorts of sneaky tricks and subterfuges to complete his missions.

As with any identityless spy, not much is known about Twilight’s past, other than that he was alone as a child in a war-torn country. As the best spy in the land, Twilight is given tough missions including the deadliest mission of all: to become a father.

A spy and his fake daughter

Spy X family Loid and Anya
Image source: Wit Studio

Loid Forger (codename Twilight) is quite a lone wolf. He is aloof and able to drop everything on the fly. However, this is the first time he has had to pretend to be a parent. You have a husband who is the best at what he does but is completely clueless when it comes to handling a child.

As previously mentioned, all that is known of Loid is a glimpse of his childhood amidst a devastating war. But from his past, he admits to himself that he does his spy work to make sure no child ever has to cry. It’s that promise that fuels his desire to stay on the mission with Anya.

Even if you take some bad parenting skills and add Anya’s telepathy, you have a messy situation where he accidentally thinks the wrong thing and doesn’t know what to do when Anya freaks out. In this respect, there is a lot of heart in Spy x Family.

Superpowers, Comedy & Heart

Spy X Family Anya
Image source: Wit Studio

One of Spy x Family’s most unique attractions is the fact that Anya has telepathic powers. That’s her one big secret, one she’s only too happy to share but terrible at hiding. It is fortunate that even someone as intelligent and intuitive as her fake father would never assume that she is a telepath.

While there’s no detailed explanation of how or why Anya gained her abilities in detail, there’s a little scene in the first episode at least that early on that sheds a bit of light. This simultaneously raises some curious questions from us as viewers as we prepare for what is likely to be a dramatic backstory reveal later in the series.

Along with lots of dramatic elements, Anya’s powers are also a perfect setup for the show’s comedic moments. Even in the first episode, while holding Anya’s hand and leaving, Loid thinks to himself how occupying a hand puts him at a disadvantage should there be an enemy. Anya, hearing the mention of an enemy, runs away to hide, seeing that thought as a legitimate threat.

Although Anya already knows that her fake father is a spy, she doesn’t know everything about him. Super spy Twilight is also a master of disguise. If you’ve ever watched Mission Impossible, his skills are right on par with becoming someone else. Despite Anya’s attempts to eventually follow him, Twilight shows his incredible powers of observation and catches her every time. However, the disguises have always allowed Twilight to have a buffer of people.

The anime shows what happens when Twilight has to get acquainted with another being and cannot keep his previously kept distance.

Hopefully this will convince you to tune into Spy x Family while it continues to air, it’s definitely worth it. If you’re not satisfied with just watching the one new anime, Crunchyroll recently announced its Spring 2022 lineup. 3 reasons why Spy x Family is the must-watch anime of the season

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