3 big questions for the Eastern Conference All-Star team

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The NBA All-Star starters were revealed last night and Andrew Wiggins’ inclusion was really the only surprise. But as each roster is filled with reserves (announced on February 3), there will be some tough decisions and unfortunate disappointments.

With so many storylines coming together in the remaining 14 slots, I tapped some of the best basketball minds from the FanSided NBA network to help answer three questions about what’s coming in the East .

1. The four East Asian stars from last season (Ben Simmons, Nikola Vucevic, Kyrie Irving, Julius Randle) will definitely not be on the team this year and Bradley Beal will likely be a long-term target. How fun would it be to see some new faces in the game this year?

Jordanna Clark, Nothin’ But Nets: I think that’s great for the game and a testament to all that the best league in the world has to offer. All in all, this year’s Eastern Conference is stacked and it’s shaping up to be a fight all the way to the finish line, so having new players from the conference on display at the All-Star Game would be a great thing. It was fitting that the game was in Cleveland, as the Cavaliers had just jumped to number 3 in the East.

Andrew Miller, Pippen is not easy: It’s always fun to see new faces in the All-Star Game. This season the East is much deeper so there will be many stakes behind some of the new players coming into this season’s season, I guess.

Phillip Barnett, NBA Division Manager: It feels like we’re in the midst of a transitional period in the NBA, where some of the league’s biggest stars are entering that point in their careers where productivity and efficiency begin to decline in the future. when some young men start to emerge as potential superstars who will continue the tradition. Some of the NBA’s biggest fans are familiar with younger faces, but the All-Star Game is the perfect opportunity to really bring the likes of LaMelo Ball and Darius Garland onto the national stage with all everyone is watching. Melo’s stylistic (and off-the-court) flair will pressure an entire generation of kids growing up with today’s tournament while Garland’s Nash-esque feel for the game is perfect for contexts where he is surrounded by talent.

2. If the Celtics only got one spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star team, should they pick Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown?

Jordanna Clark, Nothin’ But Nets: I like Jaylen Brown so much, I think Jayson Tatum deserves to be an All-Star more than him. The Celtics have been a disappointment this season and although Tatum has had a poor year by his standards, he still averages 26 points per game. He also delivered career-high numbers for bounces (8.5) and minutes per game (36.6). The tournament is more interesting when Boston has a competitive roster and starts with Tatum, not Brown. And with Kevin Durant absent, Tatum has the shot to start the second year in a row. He deserves that position.

Andrew Miller, Pippen is not easy: Jayson Tatum has been more productive over the past few weeks. He’s starting to turn it on, so I’ll go with him. But both are clearly a valid case for All-Stars as they are shouldering the Celtics this season.

Phillip Barnett, NBA Division Manager: Jaylen Brown has been one of the few Celtics constants in an extremely disappointing season for Boston. He does everything well, fights on the defensive and can get a bucket when the team needs it. However, even with how great Brown was, Jayson Tatum had to be the guy. He has one of the smoothest games in the NBA, can be fearless at the belt, and has the potential to explode in 50 games on any given night. Brown can do all the little things that help teams win games, but fans are watching for the impossible to see, and Tatum gives us the best chance to give it a shot. us unforgettable moments.

3. If there’s only room for the wild card defender, should we switch to Fred VanVleet or Darius Garland?

Jordanna Clark, Nothin’ But Nets: Fred VanVleet. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been the biggest surprise in the East this year and Darius Garland is getting the appreciation he deserves but that shouldn’t overshadow what VanVleet has done for Toronto. He’s kept the Raptors afloat at .500 and has career-high points (21.7), assists (7) and rebounds per game (4.7). Replacing Kyle Lowry was not an easy job, but VanVleet accepted the challenge and did it. Don’t forget that he’s hit 160 3-pointers this year and if he hits 300, his name will be in the history books (again) alongside James Harden and Steph Curry.

Andrew Miller, Pippen is not easy: I believe Fred VanFleet is the most deserving of this year’s pick. Garland is having a breakout season, but VanFleet is at the point of his career as a genuine All-Star. His numbers are also better than Garland’s this season.

Phillip Barnett, NBA Division Manager: This is the kind of question that will tear families apart. Fred VanVleet is, at least right now, a better basketball player than Darius Garland in his third year – but the distance between the two can be measured with a caliper. VanVleet scored better and took a slight lead in some of the more advanced stats while Garland saw the floor better and is a key stop in the Cavaliers that are currently third in the Eastern Conference. In a vacuum, one might lean in favor of VanVleet, but with this year’s game being played in Cleveland, it might make more sense to give Garland a nod to the Cavs’ ability to make the postseason without without LeBron James for the first time since 1997-98 Season.

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https://fansided.com/2022/01/28/eastern-conference-all-star-team-3-big-questions/ 3 big questions for the Eastern Conference All-Star team

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