18 Best PC Games to Download in 2022 for Steam and Beyond

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The games on this list are all great PC games. But from all platforms in our collection of The best, the PC has been on the market longest and therefore has the largest back catalogue. There are decades of amazing PC games to choose from and if you own a PC you would be remiss if you didn’t go through the classics and play the best. Luckily we have two lists to help you. In 2013, our readers helped us create a comprehensive megalist of the best classic PC games of all time. In 2015 we created our own list 24 Best Classic PC Games.

How has this list changed? Re-read our update history:

Update 10/20/2022: Total Warhammer II makes room for Overall Warhammer III, Minecraft was rebuilt and we added the breakout hit from 2022 Vampire Survivoralongside stellar narrative adventures, Scarlet Cave.

Update 9/16/2021: The 12-game limit is over! For this purpose we have one of the big ones (Total War: Warhammer 2) alongside some newbies: hit man 3, Disco Elysiumand Yakuza: Like a dragon. No cuts except for hit man 2which basically exists inside hit man 3 anyway.

Update 10/05/2020: Crusader Kings II steps aside to make room for his smarter, younger sibling, Crusader Kings IIIwhile Total War: Warhammer 2 renounces his place for Hades.

Update 06/10/2020: We have given over watch and Return of the Obra Dinn the boot to make room for two modern classics: The Sims 4 and Cities: skylines.

Update 12/02/2019: We added Outer Wilds and removed XCOM2.

Update 11/30/2018: We added Return of the Obra Dinn and hit man 2 instead of The witness and hit man.

Update 11/10/2017: Another update to our hardest list: we’ve added Divinity: original sin 2 and Total War: Warhammer 2 when removing demise and Inside.

Update 12/02/2016: Big changes are coming to the PC list! We added DOOM, Inside, hit manand Civilization VI when removing MGSV, starcraft 2, Divinity: original sin and civilization v.

Addendum from 06/24/2016: Crusader Kings II and over watch make it on the list while Total War: Shogun 2 and portal 2 Exit. Rest Wheatley. You had a good run.

Update 02/22/2016: We’ve added XCOM 2 and The Witness, and removed Heroes of the Storm and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Update 10/29/2015: The list gets another shake. We added Metal Gear Solid v, Undertaleand Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition instead of Counter Strike GO, Minecraftand pillars of eternity.

Update 07/22/2015: We’ve beefed up the list with three new entries: pillars of eternity, The witcher 3 and Heroes of the Storm take its place Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and DOTA 2.

Addendum from 11/25/2014: Fall 2014 brings with it a single exchange: Dragon Age: Inquisition defeats its predecessor Dragon Age: Origins. (Although you should probably play anyway origins if not because it’s really good.)

Update from 08/06/2014: The list is shaken up: saying goodbye Half Life 2, Titanfall and Went home and hello to Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO and Kentucky Route Zero. We’ve also reset the comments to allow for fresh debate and discussion.

Updated 04/10/14: We requested and replaced an orbital drop battlefield 3 With titanium fall.

Update 09.12.13: At the end of the year comes a respectable update of the PC leaderboard. are over FTL, The witcher 2, Team Fortress 2 and Far cry 3 and are in their place Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Dragon Age: Origins, Went home and portal 2.

Update 07/24/13: It’s a long overdue update for the PC platform, with four games leaving and four making the list. Skyrim– which was released at the time this list was published – jumps onto the best because Steam Workshop was added post-release, which allows you to seamlessly access and install hundreds of the awesome mods available for the game. It joins XCOM: Enemy Unknown, FTL and Far cry 3. Waving goodbye Amnesia: The Dark Descent, dirt 2, mass effect 2 and jeweled 3.

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Note: While all of these games are available through one digital service or another, if you purchase any of them through the retail links in this post, our parent company may receive a small percentage of the sale through the retailers’ affiliate program.

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