10 TV Shows To Watch If You Loved “Swarm”

swarm premiered on Amazon Prime on March 17 and quickly became one of the most popular series on the streaming service that week. swarm Stars Dominique Fishback as Dre, an obsessive superfan of pop/R’n’B sensation Ni’Jah. Dre falls deep down the fandom rabbit hole, slowly revealing her inner demons throughout the series.

Fishback delivers a breathtaking performance in seven 30-minute episodes. The first was judged by Donald Gloverand the entire premise of the series was created by him and Janine Naber. For fans who have binge watched swarm and need more tension and discomfort in the atmosphere, the following shows can deliver that mood perfectly.



10 ‘Atlanta’ (2016 – 2022)

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Where else could fans of swarm address as Glover’s “firstborn”, Atlanta? Atlanta completed after four seasons, each better than the last. It fantastically blends fictional short stories inspired by real life things with the development of the main characters. at its core, Atlanta is the story of four friends – Earn, Paper Boi, Vanessa and Darius – as they try their best to grow up and deal with their life troubles.

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Atlanta often delves into the subliminal territory, featuring episodes that remind viewers of something familiar but entirely unfamiliar; Glover and Hiro Murai created visual masterpieces. Atlanta is one of the most influential series of the last decade and fans of swarm you’ll find how it inspired Glover to create another series that presents the truth in an uncomfortable way.

9 ‘You’ (2021-)


2021 an anthology series Them was launched on Amazon Prime, following in the footsteps of Jordan Peele‘s works, but created by Little Marvin. Them is about a black family who moves to Compton in 1950, which is home to a predominantly white community. Deborah Ayorinde And Ashley Thomas give fantastic, captivating performances as Lucky and Henry Emory.

Them combines the supernatural with very real horrors, from the Emorys’ youngest daughter seeing a woman haunting her home, to the family being constantly bullied by their neighbors. The real horrors are often scarier than what isn’t there. The overall work on the show is masterful, from the direction to the photography to the musical landscape. Them is a treat for horror fans.

8th ‘Severance Pay’ (2022-)

Adam Scott in separation
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severance pay quickly became one of the best shows of 2022 for viewers and received a lot of praise. It’s about the employees of a company that separates personal and work life by sharing their memories and building a wall between them. Adam Scott stars as the main character Mark, who begins to blur the lines between his very separate professional and personal lives.

Who thinks severance pay isn’t scary, you should watch the first season once again. Imagine going to work without knowing where or WHO you are. You have a personality that exists only to work, with no freedom to know your peers or involve your personal life. Then you come home without remembering half the day – it’s scary. severance pay is a well thought out sci-fi thriller that is second to none Philip K Dick could easily have been written.

7 ‘Inside No.9’ (2014-)

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Image via BBC

One of the long-running British anthology series, Inside #9, has many episodes to fully immerse yourself. The world of Steve Pemberton And Reece Shearsmith is mysterious and spooky, but often emotional and darkly hilarious. The two created and star in the series, in which each story has something unique, potentially sinister, and often feels like a satisfying short film.

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Many stars have graced the stories of Inside #9including Helen McCrory, Gemma ArtertonAnd Rory Kinnear, among so many others. For fans of genre-bending short stories that all feel incredibly satisfying at the end (who wouldn’t like that?), Inside #9 is the perfect viewing choice.

6 ‘The Outsider’ (2020)

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The outsider went under the radar, although it was quite successful StephenKing HBO Adjustment. Since King’s novels are constantly being adapted – often unsuccessfully – it makes sense why anyone would miss another premiere. Still, The outsidermain role Cynthia Erivo And Ben Mendelsohnhas succeeded in creating a great, spooky, supernatural thriller.

Cynthia Erivo carries the show as private investigator Holly Gibney; Her sincere character is often secondary to her brilliance. Ben Mendelsohn’s role as a skeptical cop fits Erivo well, helping the entire cast perfectly walk the line between insanity and sanity. The outsider is more than meets the eye, making it the perfect show to binge watch afterwards swarm.

5 ‘Yellow Jackets’ (2021-)

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Yellow jackets is a show time Series about a high school girls’ soccer team as they prepare to attend a game far from home. As they board the plane to go to their destination, it crashes in the middle of the forest, leaving them alone and with only the clothes on their backs to survive.

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Yellow jackets premiered without much fuss or hype, becoming a much-anticipated finale after the first season. The second season premiered on March 24th and fans can finally see what happens next. The show has a strong female ensemble cast, both in the younger and older versions of the main characters. It’s a mysterious and often very creepy and tense genre-mixing show.

4 ‘Lovecraft Country’ (2020)

Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett and Kenneth Williams in Lovecraft Country

Another horror miniseries focusing on the black experience in American history, Lovecraft country was (wrongly) canceled after the first season. Though given the end of the show, there might not be much left to talk about. Lovecraft country combines real and fictional horror in a refreshing Lovecraftian way.

It is followed by Atticus Freeman (played by Rising Star Jonathan Majors in one of his best roles) on a journey through Lovecraftian Central America in search of his missing father. Traveling with his Uncle George and childhood friend Letitia, he stumbles upon numerous supernatural wonders, Lovecraftian-esque monsters and horrifying horrors of racism. One of the best episodes is Episode 8, “Jig-a-Bobo” but you have to get through the first seven before you reach this horror masterpiece.

3 ‘Archive 81’ (2022)

Archive-81 main cast during the first season

Archive 81 is new Netflix original immersion in mystery and horror; Unfortunately, it was canceled after the first season to the disappointment of too many fans. It follows a young archivist Dan (Mamoudou Athie) who was hired to restore old VHS tapes from 1994. His workplace is deep in a vast forest with no one around – spooky thing number one.

Dan dedicates himself to restoring the tapes and learns that they belong to the young filmmaker Melody (Dina Shihabi). He’s so immersed in Melody’s tapes that the lines between here and now begin to blur for him – scary thing number two. Oh, and Melody accidentally reveals a cult, so creepy thing number three and checkmate. Archive 81 was a decently done mystery horror that could hopefully be picked up by another network.

2 ‘Hannibal’ (2013-2015)


The world wasn’t ready for it Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Hannibal Lecter, but at the time it seemed like what everyone needed. Hannibal centers around the well-known cannibal who is being hunted by a relentless FBI agent, portrayed in silence of the Lambs from Anthony Hopkins And Jodie Fosterand in this series by Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy.

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The show often delves into body horror territory, but it focuses on the riveting relationship between psychiatrist (and cannibal) Hannibal and his patient (and FBI agent) Will. They vacillate between mutual fascination and hatred, and the complexity makes for a compelling viewing. After three seasons Hannibal was canceled but remained among the biggest and best.

1 Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

Ethan and Vanessa together in Penny Dreadful.

Viewers didn’t know what they had until then dime novel was over. This supernatural horror series is sort of the crème de la crème of 19th century monster tales, from vampires and werewolves to Dorian Gray and Frankenstein. Though it may seem overwhelming, it wasn’t – dime novel was television gold and one of the greatest supernatural horror series ever made.

The main characters are Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm Murray, an adventurer with a knack for the supernatural, and his medium-sized girlfriend Vanessa (Eve Green). You will soon be joined by Ethan (Josh Hartnett) and Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) in the search for a missing person. The costumes, music and cast have been carefully chosen for the three seasons of this beautiful show.

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