10 overlooked roles of popular actors that Reddit loves

Many well-known faces have made their mark in the film industry by playing memorable roles that showcase their talent. However, what often goes unnoticed is the dedication they put into their previous roles that has taken them further and opened up exciting opportunities that have led them to this very moment.

On Reddit, users share their favorite – and underrated – performances by now-famous stars before they gained tremendous popularity Chris Pine in the 2006 action film Smoking aces To Justin Long in the sci-fi comedy classic GalaxyQuest.


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10 Chris Pine in Smokin’ Aces (2006)

Chris Pine in Smokin' Aces
Image via Universal Pictures

In this joe Carnahan Action comedy centered on actor-turned-snitch Buddy Israel (jeremy piven), when he is being pursued when he decides to testify against the Mafia, Chris Pine has one of his first appearances as Darwin Tremor, a neo-Nazi redneck.

Although the actor has now appeared in many well-known projects – including wonder woman movies, star trekAnd dungeons thissonofbeech believes its performance in Smoking aces belongs to the best. “Chris Pine didn’t even recognize him at first as the neo-Nazi hitman in Smoking Aces,” they noted.

9 Joaquin Phoenix in Parenthood (1989)

Joaquin Phoenix in Parenthood
Image via Universal Pictures

In parenting, viewers are introduced to three Buckman siblings who attempt to raise their children in very distinctive and unique ways. A very young one Joaquin Phoenix brings Garry, one of the featured children, to life. The film also stars Keanu Reeves.

“Joaquin Phoenix in parenting. I think he’s only 13 but he’s so, so good.” No_Banana7768 wrote, and many users agreed with her comment. Referred to in film as “Leaf Phoenix” — a sane stage name the actor adopted for a short time after deciding he wanted a more “earthy” name like his siblings Flow And Rain Phoenix – The joker The actor showed his acting skills from a young age.

8th Amy Adams in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

Amy Adams in Drop Dead Gorgeous
Image via New Line Cinema

This entertaining comedy directed by Michael Patrick Januarycontains many familiar faces, including Kirsten haze, denise richardsAnd allison Janey. The film focuses on an annual beauty pageant that became overly competitive and ultimately messy.

“Amy Adams in [Drop Dead Gorgeous],” M808V Main Battle Tank mentioned the actress’ early small role. The 1999 mockumentary was the first project Adams was ever credited with on IMDb; A few years later, she landed her first major role in a movie by playing the lead role Catch Me If You Canalthough her breakthrough came in 2005 Junebugfor which she received her first Oscar nomination.

7 Samuel L Jackson in Goodfellas (1990)

Samuel L Jackon in Goodfellas
Image via Warner Bros.

With Robert DeNiro And Joe Pescithis icon scorsese The 1990 film features many iconic faces that have been around for a long time. Set in New York City, this crime scene biopic focuses on the life of a small-time mafia thug Henry Hillplayed by Ray Liotta.

As it turns out, Samuel L Jackson‘s small role in Goodfellas still surprises some viewers today. “I have seen Goodfellas soooo many times before I even realized it was Samuel Jackson! Poor Stacks – he just had to dump the vehicle! “You better make your coffee to go,” ZebraBorgata commented. Needless to say, Jackson is by far one of the most popular faces in the film industry today, having been involved in major hits, including of course Tarantino‘S pulp Fiction.

6 Henry Cavill in The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Henry Cavill in The Count of Monte Cristo
Image via “The Count of Monte Cristo”

The Count of Monte Cristo tells the story of a young man (Jim Caviezel), who is wrongfully imprisoned by his jealous friend (Guy Pearce). However, when he manages to escape, he quickly plots revenge. A young Henry Cavill also takes part in the film.

Although Cavill’s role in the film is popular with fans (friend of the garden even admitted that they remember thinking, “This boy is going far. Up and down!”), his performance in Stardust is also a favorite on the platform. “I can’t believe he played Humphrey. You totally blew me away.” CaptainDNA wrote.

5 Tom Hardy in Black Hawk Down (2001)

Tom Hardy in Black Hawk Down (2001)
Image via Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

Ridley Scottis the remarkable war film Black Hawk Down tells the story of 160 elite US soldiers who found themselves on a near-catastrophic deployment while engaged in desperate combat with a large force of heavily armed members of the Somali National Alliance after being dropped off in Mogadishu.

While Zachariot88 The well-known star said the film is “full of people making the most of small roles”. Tom Hardy is apparently the one that stands out the most because of its outward appearance. “He’s super skinny compared to his physique warrior,” cmayfi wrote. The undeniably talented actor whose breakthrough role was in nolan‘S beginningHe is now a successful A-list actor.

4 Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek (2009)

Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek (2009)
Image via Paramount Pictures

Although some may not remember, one of the Australian actors Chris Hemsworth‘s (the god of thunder himself) had his earliest roles in the star trek Film in which he brought George Samuel Kirk to life. Set in an alternate timeline, the film illustrates a conflict between the USS Enterprise and Nero (Eric banana).

“It’s just one scene, but Chris Hemsworth is in it star trek (2009). One of the best ever star trek action scenes,” DJZbad93 commented on a performance early in their career that they loved. “It was supposed to be a nothing role, but after Hemsworth blew up, they tried desperately to get a Pine/Hemsworth generational movie going, but it failed.” DarthBaio answered.

3 Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie
Image via Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

Another Marvel superstar: Captain America Chris Evans also starred in a memorable film from the 2000s; the actor took part in the familiar Not another teen moviewhich satirizes all the teen film clichés that have accumulated over the decades, referring to the biggest teen films of the time.

on Reddit, e_patterson is not afraid to admit that the actor in the film stole the show. “Chris Evans in Not another teen movie” they commented. “Every time I see it, I’m like, ‘I can’t believe they let Jake Wyler be Captain America.'” PhinsFan17 added.

2 Paul Rudd in Clueless (1995)

Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone as Josh and Cher in Clueless.
Image via Paramount Pictures

With Alicia Silverstone as the main actor, the legendary 90s hit, clueless is a coming-of-age comedy film adaptation of Jane Austen‘s novel Emma. It centers on Cher Horowitz, a well-to-do, well-to-do, well-to-do, stylish and good-natured young girl Amy Heckerling The film follows the protagonist as she navigates her way through high school life, playing matchmaker to her teachers and putting a facelift on her new girlfriend.

before his ant man Days before, the popular, funny and talented actor was already a brilliant comedy actor clueless is proof of that. “I like how clueless was Paul Rudd’s film debut.” Galac_tacos authorized. “He innocently and completely ignored the fact that his stepsister was Alicia Silverstone until she kissed him. What other actor could do that?” A user joked.

1 Justin Long in Galaxy Quest (1999)

Justin Long in Galaxy Quest
Image via DreamWorks SKG

A highly riveting sci-fi comedy galaxy Seek offers the audience a very creative narrative: when the stars of a 1970s sci-fi show abroad are greeted by an alien spaceship, believing that their heroic contents are actually historical documents of events forced the team to help them with their lives. menacing quest.

Justin Long has been in some popular movies lately, including the spooky horror film barbarian; GalaxyQuest definitely played a role in propelling the actor into the film industry. “GalaxyQuest was Justin Long‘s first movie TheMadLurker17 wrote. “I always thought he was great GalaxyQuest and it’s by far the best role he’s ever had. I think he peaked early on!” StarTruckNxtGyration wrote.

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