2 mins ago

    Kevin Durant defends Net’s trade request by preaching accountability

    For the first time since requesting a trade, Kevin Durant spoke publicly at Brooklyn Nets…
    3 mins ago

    Walmart joins the Metaverse via Roblox and targets kids

    picture: Roblox/Walmart It’s 2022, which means at least one company is announcing something new related…
    4 mins ago

    Kanye West is reportedly comparing the loss of ex-wife Kim Kardashian to the loss of Queen Elizabeth in London

    Days after apologizing to his ex-wife, Kanye West makes a bizarre comparison between her and…
    5 mins ago

    Kathy Najimy’s hilarious moment with Hocus Pocus co-star Bette Midler

    Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kathy Najimy pocketed one of her movies, but the conversation quickly…



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