3 mins ago

    In peace, Serena Williams walks away from being the Tom Brady of tennis

    Serena Williams has transcended the sport of tennis to become an icon in tennis, sports,…
    4 mins ago

    “It was held ALL FOR OBVIOUS REASONS” John Laurinaitis was reportedly fired from the company FirstSportz

    John Laurinaitis was considered a fairly close advisor to McMahon. But now he seems to…
    5 mins ago

    All Kunemon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

    Kunemon is the Caterpillar Digimon in Digimon Survive. Kunemon is Ryo Tominaga’s partner and unlike…
    20 mins ago

    Jill Biden Introduces Nat Geo’s New Docuseries (TV News Roundup)

    The First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, will present National Geographic’s newest…



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